Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Random Wednesday

I've kind of been in a blogging rut lately.  It's a mixture of reasons why but mainly because I'm too busy and have a block of what to even write!  Everyone is busy, I get it.  I just have too much on my plate right now.  I HOPE in January after we move into this new house, I'll be a new person.  We'll see.  

1.  Christmas gifts - has anyone else's list gotten completely out of control?  I feel like I buy gifts for everyone we know, which I love love love to do but it just seems excessive?  Also, this truly may be the year of gift cards.  I usually spend a lot of time and effort thinking of the perfect gift for people but this year, everyone may be getting gift cards.  Sorry in advance! ;)

2.  Speaking of Christmas gifts, I need to start buying them now so we can spread them out financially over the next few months.  We have a hefty December coming up with the house so if I can start buying gifts now, I think that may be helpful.  

3.  I'm not traveling this week and let me tell you how glorious it is.  I have had so much to get done and it's been helpful to be here.

4.  The car that Kevin got me last week is amazing but we may not end up keeping it.  I took it to the dealership on Monday and it had a couple things wrong that we don't love.  It just wasn't in the condition he thought it would be in based on what the online company had disclosed on their website.  In other news, Carvana was amazing to work with otherwise!  I test drove two other cars yesterday and loved one so we'll see if one of those works out, or I may just get my original car back.  Kevin loves the car dealing game and I don't!  

5.  This week for the house we are working on finalizing granite and the porch ceiling stain color.  I'll post about this tomorrow.  


  1. Interesting Kevin dealt with Carvana. We bought a new car in April. As I researched cars online I ran across Carvana. Nevever knew they existed. Not sure what vehicle you want but we got a great deal at Tysinger Mercedes in Hampton, Va. It was a great experience. I believe they sell Audi's as well. I understand how you feel about Christmas. Let's face it that we all have what we need. My sister and I several years ago decided to stop purchasing Christmas and birthday presents for ourselves and spouses. Just concentrate on the children. Don't regret our decision.

  2. Sometimes we just get in funks/ruts. It happens, especially when you have so much going on in your life. Presents are insane. I stopped exchanging them with any and all of my friends, we just go out to dinner instead. It's way too much.

  3. I’m in a blogging rut too. I just can’t seem to snap out of it. Yay for no traveling this week!! What kind of car did you get?