Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Festivities

Good morning!  It's a chilly morning in Charlotte!  I got to my office super early and went across the street to my dermatology appointment.  Got all good news, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go get checked if you don't already.  It's so important.  I go about every 4-6 months given my family history!  

I'm kind of back tracking to the end of last week in this little recap.  I love this picture of Mills looking at Molly Anne. 

Last week before I took her to Becky's on Thursday.  She was so excited to show Ms. Becky her wand from Frozen on Ice!

We met our friends at the playground that afternoon.  She is so into running as fast as she can these days.  

She did the same thing with Ava on Friday afternoon at our driveway cocktail hour!  She also learned some cheer moves...check the two of them out - too cute!

I was up in the middle of the night and found Mills laying his head on the baseboard so I put a pillow down there for him.  SRGR - spoiled rotten golden retriever!

Soccer on Saturday morning!

Then we walked/ran and Molly Anne kept saying, "I want you to go faster Mama!  Bunny says faster!"  Yeah, I hear ya sista!

Saturday afternoon was the Halloween party at our new neighborhood.  The parade couldn't have been cuter!  Elsa is on the far right ha!

A duck and Elsa!  

Molly Anne was running wild all over the clubhouse and I look over and this sweet 8th grader was being soooo patient and fun with Molly Anne.  He didn't know I was watching but he was helping her do the game "bowling with ghosts" aka toilet paper.  He was giving her high fives and just being so kind.  SO cute.  I wish I knew his Mama to tell her how amazing he was!  

She had fun on the dance floor!

Sunday morning we got the mail from Saturday and she got TWO cards from her Nannie and Poppa!  They both included some special money for her piggy bank.  I think this was the first time she understood the whole piggy bank concept and that was cool!  She loved carrying around the cards the rest of the day! 

We really didn't do much on Sunday other than a few errands and lots of chill time.  Tomorrow I have a couple random meals and our menu for the week...well the first few days.  That's as far as I've gotten.  Ha!


  1. MA in that wig is priceless!
    Also, I just made sheet pan fajitas last week. So good and SO easy for a weeknight. Let me know if you want the recipe I used.

  2. looks like MA has had a great time with all the halloween festivities. How cute that your neighborhood does a parade. MA in that wig is hilarious!!