Friday, October 13, 2017

Four on Friday

Molly Anne had her first cheeseburger on Wednesday night and she loved it!  It made me feel better that she went back for more hummus and applesauce after having some of the burger haha!

We got boo'd again with lots of adorable Fall goodies!  Thank you Emme!

Do any of you all collect Nora Fleming?  It's the plain white platters with a tiny hole in the side so you can put one of these minis in it and jazz your plate right up!  Mom sent me a new box this week because I had so many minis to store!

Earlier this week I was in Panama City for a quick 24 hours and our broker took us to all of the super cute beach towns on the Gulf - Rosemary, Seaside, Alys, Watercolor.  I came home and told Kevin where I want our family vacations to be once Molly Anne is older!  

You can walk to the end of this pier in Panama City Beach so we got to do that while we waited on our table.  

We had dinner at Hook'd!

Thankfully I got home early on Wednesday so that was a huge treat and gave me 4 extra hours at home which I REALLY needed!

That's it for today.  Talk soon friends.


  1. MA and that cheeseburger, get after it girl!! I love rosemary and watercolor! Such a beautiful area. We used to go for spring break when i was at Alabama. I don't have any nora flaming but I love it and I"m not sure why I've never purchased a piece. Maybe it'll make its way to my christmas list!

  2. You've made it through the week! Hurrah! Panama City Beach looks amazing, and MA couldn't be any cuter with her cheeseburger. She's doing a great job eating it too! Now I want one. :)

  3. I have been wanting to go to that area of Florida forever!! All of the pics I see from there are SO gorgeous!!!!