Friday, October 20, 2017

Toronto and Car!

I've been missing in action this week.  Did you all think I quit blogging after two days of no posts?!  Ha!  Just been busier than my normal busy so haven't had a chance to make any posts happen.  Anyway, I have three posts ready to roll today and they'll be posted throughout the day so we can play catch up!

On Wednesday I went to Toronto for the day.  I had never been to Canada so this was pretty cool.  Everything was in km/hr when I was driving but my phone was giving me distances in miles not kilometers.  It was interesting but I figured it out!

I pulled in from the airport about 10pm and opened the garage door and found a new car.  Kevin had told me to drive his car to the airport that day because he was going to get an appraisal done on my car.  Well that wasn't exactly the case -- he traded it in and got me this one!  A huge surprise!  Told him yesterday I didn't deserve to drive it!

Yesterday we had a slow morning and hung out until I took her to Becky's.  Mills wants to always be as close as possible to her.  Look at him about to fall off the sofa but he's so comfy!

Today I have a busy day at work and we have a party to go to tonight.  We also have a crazy weekend!  House updates post is coming up next!


  1. I love the relationship those two cuties have. My daughter has two dogs and a three-month old baby. So interesting - one of her pups has no interest in the baby at all - and the other wants to be with the him at all times.

  2. That's so crazy about the new car! What a tremendous surprise! Also, yay for a trip to Canada!