Friday, October 27, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

On Wednesday morning, a few of my friends and I took our annual trip to Hunter Farm with our little girlfriends!  

We love love love going there because they have take you on a tractor ride to see the animals.  For an extra special treat, "Uncle Mike" was even driving the tractor! 

Ohhhhhh just like big bunny!  She gave him a hug!

Just for fun...this was in 2015....

This was in 2016....

And this was in 2017!  Wow, they've all grown up and we have had many new little girl additions!  Still no boys in this little group - isn't that funny?!!  

That evening when I asked Molly Anne what her favorite part of the farm was, she said, "Uncle Mike!"  I said, "yes it was fun seeing him wasn't it?!"  And she said, "yes, he ride me on the tractor!"

It was SOOO cute!  Love these sweet girlfriends of mine!

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