Thursday, October 26, 2017

House Updates - Granite and Porch Ceilings

Last Saturday we went to a granite place that we really like and were there to tag exact pieces we wanted to use in our house!  

We chose this white carrara for our master bath.  We tagged two slabs because we may end up needing both depending on what else we use it for in our house (fireplace etc).  

So if you follow me on Instagram, you likely saw the big Mont Blanc vs Shadow Storm debate for our kitchen.  This is the deal - we need FOUR slabs which is a lot and Mont Blanc is hard to come by at all.  It has always been our first choice.  Shadow Storm has always been our 2nd favorite and they had four slabs of that which we liked so we went ahead and reserved those.  But now I need to look at other places to see if they have any Mont Blanc that we have to have or if we will go with Shadow Storm that Kevin and I may even like slightly better than Mont Blanc at this point!  

Feel free to let me know your favorite in the comments!  They will go on top of white cabinets.  

And the stain for the porch ceiling - these samples are leaning against the brick that it'll be up against and we will have a gray slate floor.  So which do you choose - dark or light ceiling?

As always, thank you for your thoughts and opinions!  It's fun building a house...most of the time! ;)


  1. I am the worst decision maker, I don't know how you do it day in and out. I like the marble ya'll chose better than the mont blanc. I also like the darker stain better, it gives a good contrast!

  2. I like shadow stone better! I can't wait to see your house all finished. I had no idea how much went into building a house so it will be fun to see the end result.

  3. Hahaha I've done a lot of voting for my parents too! For what it's worth - I vote shadow storm and the darker ceiling stain

  4. The granite is so beautiful! I can't to see it in your new home!

  5. Love, love, love everything - per usual! You can't go wrong with ANY of those choices! Bravo!!!