Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two Year Old Gifts

Molly Anne has always wanted to be a big kid so she was in heaven last weekend with her big cousins and all of their super cool toys!  Here are some things on her birthday list and some things we've already gotten for her!  

1. My nieces have this super cool Buddha Board!  It says it's for ages 5 and up but Molly Anne LOVED it.  Supposively it's used as one of those zen relaxation things although I think it's pretty relaxing if your child is entertained for 10 minutes!  You put water in the front of the stand and use the brush that it comes with to brush water onto the board and make a creation.  If you draw something super cool, snap a picture because it eventually fades away!  

2.  Candy Construction Building Set.  This kept her highly entertained too!  She loves building things and putting blocks together so this was right up her alley!

3.  I gave the girls Boogie Board's for Christmas one year!  They're awesome to just slip in your purse for your children to use when they're out and about.  Nice, quiet activity and will grow with them as they get older.  I also think these are a good price point for a birthday gift!

4.  Tangle Fidget Toy - these were fun for her to snap and unsnap and "fidget" with!

5.  Ride On Vehicle!  Sorry, Molly Anne, this isn't happening anytime soon but she loved riding on this with her big cousin!

Can you tell she was LOVING being at their house?  They have the most fun toys!

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  1. All great gifts!! I'm sure she loves that ride on toy but I'm with you on waiting!