Friday, May 19, 2017

Five on Friday - Molly Anne's Week

On Tuesday after work/school we played out back with her water table and other toys.  This is one of her favorite things to do and I think Mills equally enjoys it!

I had to take Molly Anne with me to meet with our builder one morning this week.  It honestly isn't the safest place for a toddler but I keep my eyes on her like a hawk.  She definitely knows where her room is now.  Permanent stairs got installed this week and the 1st to 2nd floor ones are gorgeous....they curve out at the bottom.  

Laying out the cabinets and kitchen island in the background!

This child loves running and jumping on Mills' bed every morning and evening.  She giggles the entire time!  This week, Molly Anne has really started talking more in sentences.  Last weekend at Target she literally narrated her way through the whole store.  Crazy!  One day this week she walked into Becky's, stood by Alexa and said, "Ms. Becky can you play music please?"  

Music class is wrapping up for this session and she's had the best time having Emmerson in her class!  These girls are so sweet together!  We are swimming this afternoon with Emme!

I was supposed to go to Vegas on Sunday for work.  It's the largest commercial real estate conference in the country and I go every year.  My client decided a week ago that they aren't going so there's really no point in me going.  I'm bummed to not see some other friends out there that I only get to see once a year but it'll be nice to be home with my people.  We have some fun plans this weekend.


  1. Molly Anne is going to have such a fun summer with all the water toys and the pool! Yay for a surprise weekend at home! Even though it sounds like a fun conference, it must be such a relief to not have to do the travel.

  2. Emme loves her some Molly Anne! So thankful to have y'all as friends! Going to be a fun summer with these little fish!