Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I think I may start doing a post every Wednesday that has something I bought or want to buy.  It would be short and sweet and would pretty much be for Molly Anne or I.  Thoughts?  I posted about wedges last week and today I want to share shoes for Molly Anne.  

I bought her a couple pairs of natives this year and last weekend I was trying them on her.  Within a few minutes, she had circles indented on the top of her foot.  I think her arch is too high or she still has too much pudge on top for them!

A month or two ago we went to Nordstrom to try on shoes and she got these Mini Melissa's and has pretty much lived in them since.  They're so comfy feeling and easy with the strap just attaching with velcro.  Plus, they smell like strawberries ha!  I like that she can run and play in these and not worry about falling (as much!).  And Molly Anne LOVES these shoes.

I had also heard that Old Navy had a similar pair so I stopped there and got her a pair in the next size up for this summer.  They aren't nearly as soft and the strap has to loop over for the velcro to work so they aren't as ideal but I paid $8 for them versus the $55 for Mini Melissa's so there's that!

I know the Salt Water Sandals are super popular and very cute but this Mama isn't buckling those up every morning (and I think Becky may kill me if I bring those to her to put on Molly Anne a thousand times a day!).  Plus we have the same issue with her high arch and they just don't fit her right.

So there we have it!  I'd love to find her a true sandal to wear but these are pretty cool on her foot so we are just going with these for now!


  1. Amazon has had some great deals on Mini Melissa's. we love Livie and Lucas. They have a pair of watermelon sandals I'm eyeing. My daughter hates when I put her saltwater sandals on but they are the only shoes she can't take off. She takes off shoes EVERYWHERE. It's so frustrating (especially when we are running late!). The best part though is my husband will undo the ankle buckle and the buckle over the toe to put them on - ha!!

  2. Joel literally forbid me from the saltwater sandals this year. They're darling but the bigggggest pain!

  3. Oh man... I just busted out the Saltwater sandals so there is no returning. Hope they aren't too much of a pain. The jellies are so cute!

  4. Try Jumping Jacks sandals on Amazon. They look similiar to Saltwaters, but they have a faux/decorative buckle and use Velcro. The leather is softer and the footbed is more flexible also!

  5. These are so cute! I just bought SC some shows for summer, but I will have to keep an eye out for these!