Saturday, May 6, 2017

House Pics

On Thursday the guys put shingles on the roof!  They mostly finished that day but did wrap up yesterday.  I love the detail parts of our house - the curve on the triangle parts of the roof and the curved windows.  Details details!  

Molly Anne hasn't been over to the house much lately because when they started the framing, it became pretty dangerous for her to be over there.  We took her on Thursday night and showed her her room for the first time.  I think these pictures of her sitting on our front porch will be fun to have one day.  She was practicing for First Day of School pictures! ;)

And the last picture I want to share is where we will be spending most of our time.  This is the kitchen, breakfast area, den and covered porch.  Far left is kitchen.  The little area in the middle is the breakfast area, the den is where I'm standing and the covered porch is on the right.  Pretty cool right?  I can't wait to see this area evolve with all of the details we are working on!

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