Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May and June Gifts

I think May and June may be our busiest month for giving gifts.  If you know me, you know I LOVE picking out and giving gifts.  I thought it may be fun to list some of them and what I've bought so maybe it gives you some ideas for any gift you are buying soon!

50th Birthday for a guy - bottle of vodka 

Teacher Appreciation week - I did two days - one day I did this tea set and the other I did a starbucks gift card and drink from there.  

Friend from work - gift certificate to the boutique Bevello (a few girls at work and I split this for her)

Mother's Day - pajamas from Nordstrom

Baby Sprinkle - bath theme - this towel from PBK, noodle and boo bath wash and a bath toy

New Baby - I sent this to one of my oldest friends after she had a baby.  She had a girl this time so I wanted to go all girly things!  This blanket which is is a blanket now and then turns into a lovey once they get older (Molly Anne's very fav).  Christine monogrammed it for me of course.  And two bows from The Tipsy Bunny - one with a monogram and one without!

One Year Old Boy Birthday - they said in lieu of gifts to donate to St. Jude so we did that and then took two books to the party.  This one and this one.  Usually for a young boy gift I do these tractors!

One Year Old Girl Birthday - this bracelet for two one year old girl birthdays and this slide for another!

Baptism - this necklace and little prayer book.

Three Year Old Girl Birthday - cannot share because her dear mother reads my blog but it's a super cute bathing suit!  Her Mama told me to do a bathing suit so that isn't a surprise! ;)

Three Year Old Girl Birthday - this placemat.  Someone gave this to Molly Anne for her first birthday and she uses it every night!  We gave matching ones to 1 year and a 3 year old sisters this year!  

Three Year Old Boy Birthday - this lego duplo set

Housewarming Party - this soap and lotion set from Williams Sonoma.  This is always a good ole trusty gift and at $30 it's a good price point!

Can you tell I'm on gift overload these couple of months?  I still have to do two more birthdays, one anniversary, father's day and my own child's birthday!  Yikes!


  1. I love those William Sonoma sets! I'm so stumped on Father's Day ideas!

  2. I love giving gifts! If I had all of the money in the world I think I would just shop for other people instead of myself. :) I hope you use e-bates! You could be getting paid to buy gifts -- makes it even more fun! Ha!

  3. I love the diversity, such great ideas. I'm going to borrow the monogrammed placemat idea for a birthday party in the future. Cute, fun, and useful!

  4. Oh my goodness, those are a lot of gifts! May is a busy month for us too, but not nearly as much as you!

  5. OMG girl! You have so many events!!! Such good ideas!!! :) And Sarah got Lucas those tractors! They are already a big hit (as are the books!!! Ella loves them especially, lol)!!