Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Three Old School Things

Today I dumped every picture and video off my phone and onto my computer which is backed up.  It's always a little traumatic not having any old pictures on my phone but I have to do it.  I had over 1,000 pictures and videos on there and I like to have them backed up in case something happens to my phone.  I'm also a little OCD and upload to Picassa sometimes and an external hard drive.  Ya never know!  

Anyway, I found some pictures on my phone that I hadn't posted on my blog yet.  Yall probably have zero interest in these but I love them.  

1.  Anybody interested in what Molly Anne will look like in 2 years?  See pictures of my Mom below from when she was about 4 years old!  So cute right?!  I don't think Molly Anne will have the curl in her hair though!  My hair has always been red and curly although I have straightened it for years.  I think Molly Anne will keep her blonde, straight hair but who knows!

2.  I took these pictures of the dollhouse at my parent's home back in March when we were there.  I let Molly Anne play with everything but it took a lot of hand holding.  AKA she was way too young to play with it and didn't understand everything is super delicate.  

The dollhouse is in the bottom of this corner cabinet.  And all of my dolls are in the top!

Crazy right?!  I can't wait to pass these along to Molly Anne!

3.  I was obsessed with our golden retriever Charlie growing up.  Imagine that?  Me obsessed with a golden retriever haha!  Now you know why I love Mills so much.  Anyway, this hangs in the bedroom I grew up in.  My first hair cut, Charlie's first hair cut, his tag that was on his collar and pictures of us.  I loved that pooch so much.  And now he sits on a bookshelf in our den at home.  TMI?!  

Those are a few things from home-home!


  1. Those pics of your mom are so cute!! She and MA really do look so much alike! I can't seem to bring myself to delete any pics from my phone. It's embarrassing how many I have saved. I also have them on my cimputer and Dropbox. Yet I'm terrified to delete. It's going to take me a week just to do it Bc I have that many. Whoops!

  2. Oh my goodness, your mom was so adorable! What sweet things to pass down to MA too. My husband was also obsessed with his childhood dog too. 😊