Monday, May 15, 2017

Chris Stapleton

Good morning friends and family.  On Friday afternoon this one had a mouthful of string cheese but I just thought she was too cute.  Well I always think that, let's be honest.  But I couldn't get enough of her little Shep Shirt and boots with shorts.  

We decided to take her to hibachi Friday night for a little treat.  We had only been once since her first birthday and that time we didn't get a table where they cook in front of you because we didn't have a reservation.  Anyway, reporting in - she LOVED it!  She giggled so hard when they flip the zucchini into everyone's mouth.  

They have children's chopsticks where they are held together with a rubberband on top that she loved using.  She practiced on raisins while we were waiting for our food and she really had it down pat!  She ate everything we did - she loved the shrimp and noodles the most!  After dinner, we slipped by and checked on the house which has become our Friday night tradition! 

Saturday morning we hung around and then I slipped out to meet my friend Margot for a mani/pedi at Polished.  It had been a loooooong time since I had done this so it was a huge treat.  Plus, it was Mother's Day weekend after all! ;)

After nap, Kevin took Molly Anne to his parent's house and Mills and I hung out.  AKA we played ball for awhile.  

Kevin had surprised me with tickets to Chris Stapleton for our anniversary.  It was SO FUN.  We tailgated with some of my work friends.  They had rented a huge party bus and made shirts.  They were such a crazy and fun crowd.   

Kevin wearing Laura's sunglasses.  Chaos.

When Kevin bought the tickets, the only ones left were for the PIT!  So we were in the very front and standing room only.  It was actually really cool.  This is looking out from the stage.  Gorgeous evening!

They were so amazing...true artists.  His wife, Morgane, got teary at one point and you could just tell she was overwhelmed with how loud the crowd was.  They said it was the best crowd they have ever had.  Very cool!  

Sunday morning early I went to grab Molly Anne from his parents.  Mother's Day recap is tomorrow!


  1. What a fun night!! I've heard that concert is awesome!

  2. I'm dying to see him!
    And those sunglasses actually look good on Kevin!

  3. What a great concert and night out! I can only imagine how much fun hibachi must have been with MA!