Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pawleys Island

On Friday morning we drove down to Pawleys Island, SC which is a little under 4 hours from where we live.  My brother and SIL live there.  My parents came down from Maryland and my mom's brother and his wife (my aunt and uncle) came up from Florida.  It was such a fun and memorable weekend!  

Here are some pictures.  SOME people don't want to be on the ole blog.  That's a different story but I'll respect their wishes and not put them on here.  I hate I won't have the pictures in my journal for years to come but it tis what it tis!

Friday we got there around lunch, Molly Anne took a nap while Kevin and I met my parents and Aunt and Uncle at Moe's for lunch.  This is a local Moe's that does bbq, not Moe's southwest grill.  


Then we hung out on their covered porch.  

Emily had to go be with her parents in Raleigh on Friday afternoon so we held the fort down.  My parents and Aunt and Uncle stayed at their own condo across the creek from my brother's place.  

For dinner we had brought a big lasagna from Pasta and Provisions to have with a salad.  Kevin and Clay were at a concert that night which was after some fishing tournament my brother was in.  I ended up staying up too late with those two goofballs.  

Saturday morning we went for a boat ride.

Girlfriend loves being on the boat.  

Mid day, Kevin and I took the three girls to the pool.  My Dad ended up coming to meet us while the rest of the crowd went to McClellanville for lunch.  Poppa got the girls ice cream after lunch which was a big treat.  Molly Anne basically thought she was in heaven!  Pool, ice cream and her Poppa & cousins.  What more did she need!

Oops this picture is from Friday.  

After nap, we took the girls out to the sandbar that we can walk to from my brother's dock.  Molly Anne was not impressed even though last year we could barely drag her off of it.  The rest of the weekend and even this morning she kept saying, "I like mud!"  So maybe she will like it next time or maybe I made fun of her too much for being wimpy?!  



Saturday night we had a babysitter come and stay with the girls while the adults went to dinner at Bistro 217.  Jackie even put Molly Anne to bed and she fell asleep within 5 minutes of being in her pack n play (big day with her cousins!).  

It was an outstanding meal and full of laughs and beverages.  Some of our crowd were counting straws to determine who had the most liquor drinks.  My brother mayyyyy have been embarrassed we were so loud in a town where he knows everyone.  Haha!  Grouper was outstanding.

After dinner we all went back to my brother's and hung out on the covered porch and had the best time.  We recreated our wedding photos because Aunt Susan said they didn't get a picture with us.  We had my Dad and Mom officiate.  Oh my gosh it was a hoot.  

They all went back to their place later that night and Kevin and I hung out with my brother in his garage and back porch on the water.  Basically the three of us did that all three nights.  Clay and Kevin are too funny together.  

Sunday morning we recreated some pictures we took last summer!  If you're friends with me on Instagram, you saw how cute they were!

The girls, my parents and I went to the Hammock shops playground for awhile so they could run wild.  Then we took them to Walgreens because some little one really wanted to go shopping.  The big girls picked out Pokemon cards and Molly Anne picked out a Mickey Mouse microphone.  She had a field day with that thing and was still carrying it around this morning.  

After nap we went out to the creek sandbar and hung out.  It's around the corner from the beach but it's the perfect place for children.  They can hang by the water but not have big waves.  


Molly Anne loved being out there playing in the sand, swimming and just having so much fun with all of the other children.  A lot of my brother's friends go out there with their families every Sunday.  

Nannie and Poppa came too!





My brother flying on in.

Kevin and Molly Anne finding shells.

Back at the house we got ready for a seafood extravaganza!  Shrimp from McClellandville and crabs from Georgetown.  

Look at Molly Anne checking out the crabs.  She kept saying, "CRABBIES!"


We initiated Kevin into our family after Molly Anne went to bed and made him cook us crabs.  We had to give him some instructions and he had a little help from my brother.  

But!  He served us some crabs!

And they were GOOD!  Caught that morning.  Doesn't get any fresher!

The original four of us!

Memorial Day.  We talked to the three girls about what Memorial Day is about.  We told them it isn't HAPPY Memorial Day.  In fact, it's likely the most somber day of the year other than religious holidays.  Drives me crazy when people say Happy Memorial Day but I probably have said it in the past until I was educated.


We found Molly Anne like this with Fin at one point yesterday morning.  Haha!  She's crazy (and cute!).  

She pretended to be a baby while we took Anna Kate to the Joggling Board to shop some more! ;)  Nannie got the two big girls each a Lilly dress!  Molly Anne has too many clothes already!

We got back on the road right before Molly Anne's nap time.  She slept about 1.5 hours and then watched Frozen the rest of the way back.  It was an easy trip.  

We LOVE going down to Pawleys and it's so easy with the girls too.  They love taking care of their little cousin and Molly Anne has the time of her life down there!  We hope to get back very soon!


  1. I am sure MA loved the time with her older cousins. And the feeling of the sand on sandbars is kind of weird. I'm sure she will love it next time!

  2. SO much to comment on for this post! Looks like an AMAZING trip! We LOOOOOVE Pawleys. Man - those sandbars. That is GREAT! Such a wonderful place to take toddlers! Makes me want to move to the beach. LOVE your dress in the picture with your "original family of 4" (Lily - I'm guessing? Seems perfect and comfy!!) Are those MA's new hot pink crocs? How does she like them? Conner still lives in his. And are those ADULT Natives in the boat? So Conner loves his Natives - and now I'm wondering if I should try a pair, too....? MA looks like a MODEL in the picture with her pink sunnies, white bow, and the flag bubble (I think it's a bubble - romper - thingy). And I was going to ask how y'all keep MA quiet and sane during long car trips - but you mentioned a movie at the end of the post. We'll have to try that. Anything over an hour, and Conner goes NUTSO. UGH!!!!! I've GOT to order Conner's nalgene (sp) sippie cup like MA's that you've raved about, and that's she's holding in a few of the pix. I have a green one in my Amazon list - just need to put it in my cart and order. There is nothing better than fresh, FRESH seafood and beer! YUM!! What a wonderful time you had with your family!

  3. What a fun weekend! I love MA's outfits; she looks like she had a wonderful time!

  4. Disappointed you had to comment that "SOME people..." about pictures. You should have left that paragraph out of your post. If that's how you feel ok, but don't throw shade like that about a family member. It's immature. Not everyone wants pictures so public. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  5. It's amazing how many of the same places we were at this weekend :) AND, isn't Bistro amazing?! hope you had a blast!

  6. Love this post! Your family get-togethers always seem like y'all just have so much fun together :) Charlotte looks to be about the same age difference between our two nieces as Molly Anne and her two cousins, and these recaps just make me super excited to see them grow up together! Love how much fun Molly Anne always has - she's just the cutest. And I need to find C a bubble like MA's in the last few photos PRONTO - I'm afraid I missed my chance!