Friday, May 12, 2017

Five on Friday - Bunco For Babies, Music Together, Windows

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser for military families with young children.  Our friends April, Sarah and Kristen put it together for the Susan M. Tillis Foundation!  Everyone purchased a ticket and brought along a new baby item (diapers, wipes, formula) for donation.  A local wounded warrior family was honored and given a new wagon and convertible car seat.  They had a silent auction as well and in total raised over $1,500!  Proud of my friends for making a difference!  Great job girls!

Got these in the mail this week with some stationery for Molly Anne too.  I love these stickers to put on birthday gifts that Molly Anne gives to her friends!  So easy.  I got them from this Etsy seller!

I've discovered that Molly Anne knows about everything that I don't think she knows about.  In the past, she's had a hard time with us leaving her with her favorite babysitter Kathryn but now I've decided to tell her that Kathryn is coming before she comes.  Well guess what?  That solved it!  She has been fine since I started telling her about things instead of just surprising her with stuff like that.  Also -- she can go get her own shoes from her room and put them on.  And she can go find something I can't find.  I'm going to start letting her do this stuff!  

We have been going to Music Together since September and have really enjoyed it.  Molly Anne loves Ms. Maureen!  Yesterday we got there early and I took a couple pictures for her baby book (we aren't allowed to take pictures during class)!  It has really made Molly Anne blossom with music and she loves it.  I'm sure you all can imagine but Molly Anne is alllll over the place during class.  One of the mom's told me yesterday - "Molly Anne is going to be a leader in whatever she does in life!"  That was such a compliment and I really appreciated it!

You don't wear boots in 80 degree non-rainy weather?!

Yesterday I happened to be at the house when the guys were installing our windows!  Took them about an hour to install them all!  Check out this before and after picture of the breakfast area!

Crazy right?!!

We have been inundated with decisions this week.  I met with the cabinet guy yesterday for a long time which was our first of many meetings.  We are rearranging the layout in the jack and jill bathroom, doing some neat things in our kitchen and butler's pantry.  Can't wait to share all of the little details we are doing!  

Kevin and I are spending time every night after Molly Anne goes to bed working through our to do list of decisions for house stuff!  Trying to visit a fireplace tomorrow morning.  And maybe looking at bluestone for our covered porch.  Whoop whoop!


  1. It's so nice when kids can start doing things like grab their shoes! We have to tell our boys a sitter is coming too. Def makes it easier! The windows look great. Have a great weekend,friend!!

  2. I've found that prepping SC makes a huge difference too. It's fun that they can get excited about things now because they can understand more! Happy Mother's Day! You are such a great mama to Molly Anne!

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