Thursday, May 4, 2017

House Update - Fireplaces

The big decision this week was whether or not we make the fireplace in our den flush with the hardwoods or have a raised hearth.  

I LOVE the look below...we will have bookshelves on either side of our mantel as well.  

This raised hearth is absolutely stunning with the marble.  

But we ultimately decided to go flush with the hardwoods and not have a raised hearth.  The deciding factor was that our bookshelves on either side are only 4'1" wide and for the size room we have, we'll need a bigger TV than that so the TV will have to go above the mantel.  If you add the raised hearth, there is a certain distance above that the mantel/fireplace have to be per code so it raises your TV too high if that makes sense.  Therefore, flush hearth and tv over the fireplace it is.  Not sure what material we will use surrounding the fireplace but granite is in our budget.  

As far as the fireplace on the outside covered porch - we think we will go with a raised hearth here.  We are working on figuring out what we want the porch to look like in general.  

I LOVE LOVE this look below.  We are definitely having a bead board ceiling and Kevin wants it to be stained wood not white.  We will have the white brick on the house side of the porch.  We need to decide material for the floor (bluestone or travertine) and we need to figure out if we are doing a brick or stone fireplace.  

And for good measure, here are some pictures from Tuesday.  

Framing wrapped up yesterday.  It's really coming together.  Next are shingles and windows!


  1. It's coming together and looking so beautifully. I just helped my mom pick the stone for her inside and outside fireplaces and it's SO hard to decide! I don't know if I would be cut out for building....there are millions of calls that seem like earth shattering descisions!

  2. I just met with an awesome bookshelf company yesterday to do those exact shelves in our living room! let me know if you need a rec! everyone I called was booked 3-4 months out!

  3. It really is coming along! I love that you are doing built-ins by the fireplace; I think that always looks so lovely!

  4. Wow everything looks great! Can't wait to see it in person :)

  5. It's amazing how much the design of the existing decor can change what you do in decor. I have had so many decisions change over the years in my own home when I planned on doing something completely different. In the end, it's always a better decision to go with the gut feeling you have rather than the original plan.

    Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire and Outdoor