Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Sunday was Mother's Day even though I'm thankful for my Mama and getting to be a Mama every day!  Molly Anne gave me a sweet card that morning.  She and I went to the Farmer's Market and to get a few bundt cakes for dessert that night.  

Ms. Becky had the girls make these for their Mama's last week.  It has Molly Anne's thumb prints all over it making the little decorations.  So cute, right?!  Now I just need to plant the gorgeous flowers!  They also baked muffins for us.  Becky is so thoughtful!

Back to Sunday....we had a little photoshoot where this one just laid down on the kitchen floor haha!

After taking some pictures, the three of us went to my in-laws to celebrate with them.  My FIL grilled a wonderful dinner - steak, shrimp, veggies.  Delish!  We ate on their back deck and enjoyed the weather.  It was the perfect evening!  Miss Molly Anne was the entertainment of course!

We did lots of FaceTiming with my Mom throughout the day.  My parents had sent me a really nice J. Crew gift card last week with the cutest note on it and they sent my sister in law her favorite flowers!  We are thankful for my SIL Emily because she really is the best Mama to my nieces.  I look up to her Mama-skills a lot!  We are excited to see them soon!

And Kevin surprised me with a super sweet card and told me to go get a couple things I've been wanting - a new pair of workout shorts and some summertime perfume.

It was a nice day with my people!  I love being Molly Anne's Mama!!!!


  1. A perfect Mother's Day! The weather was amazing and made the day that much better. Love Molly Anne's cute Lilly dress!

  2. Love the sweet pictures! What a wonderful Mother's Day!