Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year in Review - 2015

I'm so thankful for my little blog.  Year after year I get even more excited that I have this little piece of our world to print out for Molly Anne one day!  Yes, I/my Dad PDF my blog every six months using this website.  It's $8-9 and well worth it.  Here are the highlights from our 2015!

January - we announced that a baby was on the way!

February - we went to Marco Island, FL to celebrate Kevin's birthday!

March - we did lots of baby prep!

April - we went to St. Thomas and had our first baby shower!

May - we had our second baby shower and went to Amelia Island!

June - my office surprised me with a baby shower

July - Molly Anne was born and we were shocked she was a girl!!!  We had lots of family and friends that surrounded us during the best time of our life!

August - we soaked up every minute of having Molly Anne!

September - we traveled up to Maryland for a couple of weeks and had a sip and see there!

October - I went back to work and Molly Anne went to Ms. Beckys.  

November - we went to Pawleys Island for Thanksgiving.

December - we did lots of things for her first Christmas!

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