Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Molly Anne's Favorite Things

I know everyone is getting ready for Christmas!  Somehow I'm making Family Dinner for tomorrow night.  Not sure how it is going to get done but it will somehow!  

Really this should be OUR favorite things, not just Molly Anne's but here they are:

1.  Footed PJ's, specifically these $7.99 ones.  My PJ requirements - footed because her feet get cold, zip because I'm lazy at night, not fleece because she sweats in fleece and easy to put on (Gap's are hard to put on).  Here's the deal, I don't really love these PJ designs but I don't care because I'm all for practical at night.  Okay thanks bye.

2.  FP Kick & Play Piano - my child is obsessed and would kick ALL.DAY.LONG.

3.  Mills - well you can't buy him, sorry.  ;)

4.  Waterproof Changing Pad Liners - don't want to mess up your pretty changing pad cover!

5.  Rattle - this is a pewter one that is monogrammed on one end and has her birth date on the other.  She loves shaking this around!  PS - this is a great gift and they ship.  I have sent a gazillion of these to newborns.  They can also chew on it to help with their teething.

6.  Scrubbie Buddy - Kevin's parents gave Molly Anne one of these in her stocking and she loved it so much that I immediately got on Amazon and ordered her one more!

7.  Nail Scissors - I have Tess to thank for this.  Thankfully Molly Anne now doesn't have scratches all over her face because I'm not scared to cut her nails!

8.  Anything Baby Einstein but specifically this and this.  I've never seen Molly Anne's eyes get bigger than when she saw that ocean thing!  PS - it's $63 on Amazon haha.  $20 at Babies R Us.  

9.  She whips this toy around and it gets flat to stuff in a bag.

10.  Nuby Teething Keys - Mom got these for her and she loves them.  She can hold on to the not cold part but she gets relief on her gums!

As far as clothes - she wears a lot of shirts with leggings and then rompers like these.  Not many onesies any more. 

That's what's up right now!


  1. Good luck with your dinner, I'm sure it will be delicious . Great info for when our day comes .. I appreciate the practical stuff truly !

  2. Great ideas here! I love the piano. Good luck with your dinner!

  3. I've never heard of Featherbaby but now I'm obsessed! We love those waterproof liners too. I would be washing the changing pad cover daily if it wasn't for them!

  4. Are these affliate links? Please provide a disclosure if they are

  5. Good luck making dinner; I am sure it will go great! Thanks for sharing what has been useful and also your comment on my blog about the baby bath tub. The right product can really make a difference. Merry Christmas and enjoy your first one with Molly Anne!