Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rest of Thanksgiving Weekend - MA's first boat ride!

On Friday morning, Molly Anne went for her first boat ride!

We had a couple pooches along for the ride too.

This is the first of many boat rides in her future!

Then we went shopping and Nannie bought the three girls Lilly outfits during the Black Friday sale!

Dad, Kevin and my brother went fishing while we were shopping.  They caught some trout and redfish which we had for dinner that night!

After shopping we took some Christmas card pictures for my parent's card in their backyard.

Bath time occurred in their kitchen sink each night.  It's the perfect width for this babydoll!  She is obsessed with the bath and expect to get wet if you are bathing her.  This girl had water all over the place!  Maybe she'll be a swimmer one day?!

Girls went to bed and then it was oyster time again!

Saturday morning cuddling with Gill, my brother's newest golden puppy.

We went to the beach to take some pictures for our Christmas card.

I'll save the actual one we chose for later!

While we were there, our one week old car got hit in the parking lot while we were down on the beach.  So that was not good but the damage isn't significant, it's just a bummer to deal with.  Thankfully the guy who hit it was honest and stayed around.

Then we went and met Santa for the first time which I'll save for another post.

Saying goodbye to my parents is never fun.

Never enough time!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and honestly one of my very favorite years.  I love having the three girls together.  Very special.  See yall soon!


  1. Your trip looked like so much fun! I didn't think Molly Anne could get cuter but I think she has!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. I don't think I can even pick a favorite outfit of hers from the weekend - all so adorable!

  3. What a great first thanksgiving with Molly Anne! I love those pictures of the cousins. Your parents will treasure those forever!