Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pantry Redo

My dad knows how to do everything.  And every time they come down to our house he does a gazillion projects for us. This time he did a bunch of little stuff and redid our second pantry.  

Before pictures which are super embarrassing are below.  We hadn't done anything to this closet since we moved in so literally it's a mess. And I didn't think the shelving was as practical as it could have been.  It wasn't deep enough and getting appliances on and off the wire racks was difficult.  I really want to make the spaces in our home more usable. 

While he started the closet, mom and I reorganized several kitchen cabinets. Like I threw away all of our Tupperware that didn't have a matching top or that I had had for 10 years. Gross. I also threw away a bunch of junk from this closet that we never use. 

Starting from scratch. Filled holes and painted.  

And after pictures!  We spaced out the shelving so there was more space to fit taller appliances. It's clean looking and so much more practical. 


Thanks Dad!!!


  1. Wow! Send your dad to my house!!!

  2. He did a great job! I store my pyrex containers with the lids on. I have not lost one lid in two years, and they are just as easy to stack.