Sunday, December 20, 2015

Our Christmas Traditions

Thought it would be fun to compile a list of our family traditions.  We honestly don't have a ton but are trying to start new ones now that we have Molly Anne.  At the same time, I don't want to be so busy that we don't enjoy the season!  But here are some things we'll do or have done this year:

1.  Drive around and look at lights. 

2.  Make fudge and deliver to neighbors - this goes back to my Mom's Mom - the original Nannie!

3.  Family dinner on Christmas Eve.

4.  Kevin wants to start reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to Molly Anne this year on Christmas Eve. 

5.  Advent Calendar - we read one of the mini books each night.  Thank you Auntie Sarah for this!

6.  Christmas pajamas and clothes throughout December

7.  Picking out a Christmas tree together.  Maybe next year we'll pick the correct size! ;)

8.  The Polar Express train around our tree - and reading the book while watching it go round and round.  We've watched it go around but we need to read the book!

9.  Same breakfast every Christmas morning - sausage, egg and cheese casserole and cinnamon buns.

10.  Set up Dickens Village - Mom collected the real Dickens Village pieces from years ago and has generously passed them down to us.    

11.  Christmas carols on the stereo at home and I love the station I made on Pandora - Christmas in Dixie - all country Christmas.  This plays in my car constantly!

12.  Go uptown with our friends Gigi and Camille to visit the Ritz gingerbread house and see the Bears at Founders Hall. 

13.  Visit with Santa

Once Molly Anne gets older I bet we will do even more fun things!  I'd love to take her to see the Nutcracker and I also want to take her to New York in December. It's magical up there.  

Tell me any traditions your family does!


  1. My grandfather used to read all the cousins the night before Christmas since my sister (the first grandchild) was born & it is something I'm really going to miss this first Christmas without him. Rob & I started giving each other an ornament to symbolize the year on Christmas Eve before or after mass. We started this with Mary Eleanor too & it was so fun this year to unwrap her special ornaments from the past 3 years. We do a family ornament that isn't too fancy & then a special Christopher radko for Emmy.

  2. We do cinnamon buns for breakfast on Christmas morning and my boys love it!! We purchase a Christmas ornament when we travel. It's fun to look back at ornaments on the tree and remember our vacations.

  3. What fun traditions and great ideas! We aren't starting too many traditions this year, but hopefully we will add more next year.

  4. Such sweet photos with the girls! Yes, Christmas in NY truly is the best (but I may be partial haha)

  5. LOVE this! We're trying to do some traditions for Z since she moved around so much before settling with us. One is J's favorite - using a cookie 'gun' to make the fun Christmas shaped ones (trees, wreaths, snowflakes, etc.) and decorating them, and one of my family favorites, picking a new ornament as a family for that year. This year is the "Our First Home" one :)