Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day

Santa found his way to Charlotte!

This little girl was excited!

It was different being here for Christmas. For 33 years we've been in Maryland minus one year when my niece was born.  Since we were in NC, we tried to make it as normal as possible by having family dinner, doing the same routine Christmas morning and eating the same breakfast.  

Molly Anne was the perfect reason to try something new. We want her to wake up in her home on Christmas morning!

She loveddddd this playskool gears toy that my cousin Kit and her fam gave her. 

Being upside down is her new favorite thing!

Kevin surprised me with GORGEOUS earrings!  

Baby in a robe!

Mom and Dad gave me a new suitcase, a Front Gate drink tub and a bunch of other special things!  Molly Anne and I gave Kevin cologne, pressure washer, a yeti tumbler and other miscellaneous things. My parents gave him wrenches, a leatherman and some fancy shirts.  Too much!!  All of it!  I do like looking back at these posts to see when we got what.  Oh we gave Dad the Amazon Echo. Anyone seen this?!  Mom got a new purse, talbots gift card and a Nordstrom scarf.  

These two. 

Kevins parents came over that afternoon to hang out!

I didn't even know dad knew what a photobomb was!!

So did Sarah and her fam and we toasted to a Merry Christmas!

Molly Anne got a ton of awesome toys for her to use now and later!  We gave her a radio flyer wagon as well. 

Oh another tradition - crab soup on Christmas Day.  So good!

Done done and done. Hope everyone had a very Merru Christmas with your family!


  1. So fun - and I loved MAs striped xmas Jammie's

  2. Looks like a fabulous Christmas! I am sure it was so different not being in Maryland, not looking forward to the day when I can't be with my immediate family.

  3. What a great Christmas! MA will love the gears toy - it's been a favorite in our house (for all 3 kids)! It's wonderful to start your own traditions, we did a similar thing when we had kids. It's so nice to be home Christmas morning, even if it isn't technically the home you grew up in.

  4. Having a baby is the perfect excuse to start new traditions...I am the exact same way about Ella waking up in HER house on Christmas morning!!! So glad you guys had a good Christmas...your earrings look exquisite!

  5. Merry (belated) Christmas! It looks like Molly Anne, you, Kevin and your family had a wonderful Christmas!