Friday, December 4, 2015

Molly Anne is Five Months!

Molly Anne, you are five months today!

Here are some things you've been up to:

1.  We were at the doctor this week checking up on your cold (week 6 of it) and you weighed 16 pounds and 7 ounces but that was with full clothes on so I'm thinking you are more in the 15 pound range.  You wear 6 month clothes!

2.  You're in size 2 diapers but we moved you up to size 3 diapers at night because you were leaking like crazy!

3.  Bath time starts at 6:30pm and you're usually asleep by 7:30pm at the way latest.  The last two weeks you've enjoyed at 5:30am wake up but you play until 6am when we come in to get you.  You've become a side sleeper and always on your left side.

4.  Speaking of bath time - you are obsessed.  You go wild and kick and flop your body around.  Whoever bathes you (usually me) gets wet!  We think you're going to be a swimmer or soccer player!  I'm glad you like water!

5.  We started real food after your 4 month appointment.  So far you've had bananas, avocado, applesauce, sweet potatoes, pears and a tiny bit of turkey and sweet potato pie.  Not even sure if those last two even stayed in your mouth but it was fun to try on Thanksgiving!  We've only fed you food once a day until now but starting this weekend, we'll move to twice a day.  

6.  You are rolling around like crazy.  You go from your back to stomach a lot.  Sometimes you end up sleeping like that and other times you get mad because you don't get back over as easily.

7.  Yesterday you got your Cranial Tech band.  You're going to wear it for 6-10 weeks depending on how quickly you grow.  I know it's the right decision to do this for you but I still don't want my baby doll in a helmet! 

8.  You giggle so hard at Mills.  You think he is extra funny and you love it when he licks your tootsies.  You always smile super big at your Daddy too when he sings a song to you.

9.  You are the easiest baby in the car.  You went to Pawleys Island this month for Thanksgiving and you slept the entire way back.

10.  You love being at Ms. Becky's and you are smiley every day when I pick you up!  You stare at the girls playing and are babbling up a storm to everyone!        

11.  I don't think you've had a paci in your mouth all month.  You never really have taken one.  You're definitely into sucking your thumb or index and middle fingers.  Pros and cons to paci versus fingers.  It is what it is at this point and I'm not going to stress it. 

12.  Somehow Ms. Becky gets you to sleep at least an hour in the morning - usually between 10-11 and always two hours in the afternoon around 1-3 or 1:30-3:30.  

13.  You're a drooling little lady and the doc thinks your bottom two front teeth may come in soon!

14.  You've almost outgrown the Mamaroo (crazy!) and you love hanging out in your bouncy seat that Auntie Lauren gave you.  The bumbo is great for when we are doing stuff and you like to watch but your legs are a bit chunky so you've been getting sort of stuck in it.  So the bumbo is almost history.  ha!

We love you and can't imagine life without you!  xo


  1. She seriously is so cute. 5 months?!?! Time flies.

  2. Just precious! I love the second pic!!

  3. It was really fun reading this and seeing all the similarities her and Norah have. Seriously, almost all of them!

  4. How did she become 5 months already? Time flies. I can't wait to see this precious little one grow up!

  5. My twins are 5 months and I love reading your updates since they are the same age! She is adorable!

  6. Olivia had a band at that age and it was seriously a great decision. It was five years ago so you barely saw anyone with them...and it caused me some anxiety. But she adjusted without problems and it went so fast. Plus it helped her head tremendously! Good luck!!!