Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Bottle Process

This is the process we've done since Molly Anne was born.  This is basically for ready made formula bottles. 

1.  Let's start when they're dirty because when you get them from Amazon or wherever, they're dirty.  Undo all of the parts and throw them in your biggest pot.   As she goes throughout her day and bottles are used, we rinse the bottles and throw them in there. They wait until there are 5 or 6 then we fill the pot full of water and boil them.  This was a big load.  

2.  After they're done boiling (and I've done 5 other things while they're going) we take them out and throw them on the grass drying rack.  I used a paper towel this day because I was doing 9 bottles.  I usually only have 5 at a time and they all fit on the grass.

3.  Once dry, I assemble the top three pieces together but I didn't have time to fill the bottles yet.  

4. I came back later and filled all of the bottles with 7 ounces of tap water. 

5.  Screw on the tops 

6.  And you're finished!  Lots of bottles ready to roll whenever they're used over the next couple of days.  Fill with formula and instant bottle!

I keep her formula in a large Tupperware container.  We keep one in the kitchen with some bottles that already have the correct number of water ounces and same thing in her bedroom. 

Then whenever she needs a bottle, I just add the correct number of scoops to however much water is in there, shake it and done!

Here are some in her room with that container. 

The process is really easy. We usually boil bottles when I make dinner so it takes no extra time.  Or Kevin does them when he's home for lunch.  Yes, I've forgotten they were in there boiling and the water has gotten low but I usually leave the microwave fan on or something to remind me. And technically we have enough bottles to go two days without cleaning but we like everything clean!  

A couple things I thought of after I wrote this:
1.  I have heard of girls making big pitchers and leaving it in their fridge.  Maybe this worked great for them but I didn't like the fact that we would have to have a microwave to warm the bottle from freezing cold to room temp or warm. I like to be on the go and thought I could always use room temp bottled water if in a jam. 

2.  Molly Anne has never had a warm bottle. I know, I'm a terrible mother. But she had the pre-made formula containers in the hospital and those were room temp so this is all she knows. 

Okay share how you do it!!  We could all use new ideas!


  1. We never warmed bottles either! My daughters nanny suggested that and it made life so easy. When my triplets came along, we did make pitchers of formula in the fridge (the dr Browns pitcher was awesome). I would just set out the bottles in a bowl of warm water while changing their diapers and they would be ready to drink after that process (more like room temp and not fridge cold anymore).

  2. I breastfed but I work full time and travel quite a bit for work--thus, bottles were a big part of my first year with my LO too! I also never got her used to hot bottles. She would take cold breastmilk bottles just fine.

    I always found the bottle cleaning process to be a huge hassle. In our house, one of my husband's "jobs" was cleaning my pump parts and preparing the pumped bottles ready to go for daycare the next day. I refrigerated my pumping parts during the day between sessions so I only had to wash them 1x/day at night.

    I like the boiling bottles while making dinner idea.

  3. We use the sterilizing bags some too- those are a huge help if you are in a rush! We just wash the bottles normally and put them in the bag with some water, microwave for a little bit and they're done! I never thought to pour water in the bottles ahead of time. Thankfully we have the Baby Brezza which with twins has been a lifesaver. Bottle mixing can be time consuming!

  4. I'm a Nicu nurse-so please don't be offended by this comment. But you don't need to sterilize the bottles. Wash, yes, but boil-no. You will actually break down the plastic over time. Just tossing them in a sink of warm soapy water or your dishwasher is fine. I'm only sharing this tidbit because you can save water and time.

    Ps. I haven't commented before because I don't want you thinking I'm judging, just didn't want you to feel the need to make a huge process out of cleaning bottles.

  5. Wow you've got this down to a science! Do you find the bottles take forever to dry on the Boon grass? I've started putting mine down sideways because when I place them bottoms up it takes too long.
    Ally- Life as I know it

  6. I never warmed our bottles either because when they were nursed I couldn't warm breast milk. I tried the pitcher with my first born after quitting nursing. :(
    With our second, I nursed her but due to issues at 6.5 months she has to have formula too. I absolutely loved the formula dispenser. It was under $10 and great for on the run. I did the same with number 3 after I had to wean her.

  7. great job NOT warming the bottles. With my first, I always always gave her warm bottles, which was a huge pain and totally unnecessary (which I learned with the 2nd). She was so used to warm milk that she drank it that way till she was 4! My 2nd gags if milk is ever even room temp or above.....LOL!!!

    and I 2nd the not boiling the bottles repeatedly. First use and maybe after a long time of no use but not on a regular basis.

  8. I just love your blog and have enjoyed following sweet little Molly Ann! I actually did just the opposite for my two girls. I kept bottles ready with just formula in them. This way, I just had to add water and not measure out scoops of formula with a baby in one hand. Also, it was nice on-the-go to just throw a formula ready bottle in the bag since I knew wherever we were going would have water.

  9. OMG, please come boil my bottles for meeeeeee! I did this a few times with Caroline but quickly resorted to the dishwasher or the sterilizer after a few months. And well, Thomas' bottles have never been boiled. Yikes. You are super mom.

  10. This is very helpful and I love how convenient it looks.

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  12. We have recently just started supplementing formula once a day for Hannah. I will have to remember to have the water in the bottles ready to just add the formula when it's time to feed.
    Thank you for this helpful tip