Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday - Random

I'm spastic today so here are five quick things:

1.  I changed the setting on my phone this week to make text messages be on silent.  It has been AMAZING.  Now I just get them when I look at my phone instead of hearing ding ding all day.  My emails have always been on silent because otherwise my phone would be constant all day.  Now the only sound my phone makes is when it rings.  Woohoo. 

2.  Speaking of my phone.  I've been on an unsubscribe from emails binge.  I am so tired of getting every retailer email.  So this week when I got those emails, I just clicked unsubscribe.  

3.  Several posts coming up that I've been meaning to share - an update on Molly Anne's band (helmet), an update on how I'm doing real food for her and and lastly sharing the bottle process of how they get cleaned and filled every day.  

4.  Last night I put The Polar Express train around our tree.  I need to get some batteries for it but I can't wait to see Molly Anne's reaction.  Mills will freak as he's done every year at my parent's house.  He flipped last night when I got it out of the box haha.  I don't think he liked the styrofoam sound.  He's so wimpy.

5.  We got our Christmas cards on Wednesday and somehow they got stuffed, stamped with our return address and stamps put on all that night.  All 135.  I'm excited for people to get them starting today and I'll be sharing it on here on December 16th for Faith's Christmas Carousel.  

Happy Weekend!


  1. I have my phone on vibrate for everything, thinking oif changing it to silent too! I know I spend way to much time looking at my phone.

  2. The train sounds really cute. Aw, poor Mills. My one cat is afraid of water and the other one isn't (Davey is and Pumpkin isn't). However, when I take my Christmas tree (it's fake) out, I try to use the spray bottle with water to keep them away from it. Only then does Davey not care about liking water because when I squirt him, he goes right back to trying and eat the branches. Pumpkin, the one that loves water is the one that gets scared when I spray the bottle and leaves it alone. I keep asking myself how is that possible because when I run the shower, if Davey is anywhere in my room, he runs full out to get out of the room. He's reminding me of a Jekyl and Hyde cat. lol. Sorry for my ramblings, I just thought you might get a laugh out of that story.

    I need to write out my Christmas cards. That's the goal for this weekend. I make & decorate my nieces & nephews Christmas cards every year and my nieces and nephews would be so excited to receive their own cards and stickers but lately they haven't been as excited because their getting older so I'm just going to give them regular cards and write messages in them. It will save me a lot of time and effort. lol.

    Sorry for the super long comment. =X

    Amy @

  3. I try to go through and unsubscribe to all the retail emails every so often. They are so annoying until you need a discount code. Can't wait to see all the Molly Anne posts. I love seeing how other mothers get stuff done so I can get better ideas. Sometimes I feel like I have to be doing everything the hardest way possible.

  4. Can't wait to see your card!! ...and to hear about how you wash and prep bottles every day. That's always the dreaded chore of the evening at our house. haha

  5. I had to unsubscribe to some of the emails I was getting. I think after getting emails from one place about 4 times a day it get pretty old plus after I forget to check it for a day or two I get stressed just thinking about having to go through all the emails, even the important one.

  6. Please don't take your blog private! Molly Anne is the cutest little thing in blogland and I love seeing pictures of her. Looking forward to your post about bottles since we have another one on the way and I haven't done bottles in four years.

  7. The BEST unsubscribe tip I've ever heard??? Set a filter in your Gmail so any email that contains the word "unsubscribe" will go into a specific folder and won't even hit your inbox. Then, once a month or whenever, just go into that folder, and hit unsubscribe on all the ones you want to leave. I HATE a cluttered inbox so I do this all the time!

  8. Oh my gosh, the amount of retailer emails is ridiculous! I've just been swiping and deleting them but I'm thinking I need to unsubscribe as well! Great job on the Christmas cards. I sent mine out as well but not nearly as many as yours.

  9. #1 is GENIUS!
    #2 I've done the same thing! It started before Thanksgiving and those retailers sending 5 emails a day - no thank you - unsubscribe!