Friday, July 11, 2014

Amelia Island, Florida

I've been a lil blog slacker this week but I have a good excuse.

We've been in Amelia Island, Florida for a work trip of Kevin's!  We went two years ago and were fortunate to go back this year.  This was actually a really difficult trip for them to win and Kevin even won the extra night so we were there Monday through Thursday. 

The Ritz is always to perfection.  This is honestly one of my very favorite trips that they send their agents on.  It's just easy and relaxed.  Truly a vacation.  Not a trip.  There's a difference for sure!  Both have pros and cons!

The first night we had dinner at Brett's Waterway Cafe with Kevin's parents (they came too) and our friends Brad and Yvette.  The grouper...SO good.

Brett's has the best sunset views.

Later that night we met up with some friends at the hotel bar.  We went outside and found a lil fire pit thing with smores to roast.  Then things got rowdy as we all went for a dip in the ocean at 12:30am. 

Tuesday consisted of pool, beach, beach, pool. Repeat.  This was after an amazing brunch at the Ritz Cafe.  SO good.

That evening we saw this from our room balcony.  They were setting up for the event that night.

We had a lil pre party at a room of our friend's.

At the event - oysters and shrimp for days.  I think I ate two dozen oysters, at least.  No joke.

And they had a lot of other food stations too. 

Then they did a private fireworks show for us.  They were amazing!

A highlight of our trip was meeting Ally and Theo!  April connected us on Instagram (I'm always late to the Instagram party) and I discovered that Ally and I had talked through our blogs numerous times.  Thank you April for making the connection so we could hang out!

On Wednesday, we hung at the beach with Ally and Theo all day then watched some World Cup that evening before we took a car downtown for dinner.

We ate at the Salty Pelican on their rooftop bar.

Then we all walked over to the Greene Turtle for beverages (not the MD Greene Turtle).

We headed back to Charlotte with Kevin's parents on Thursday morning after a fabulous trip!

Now...the weekend to recover and catch up on life.  Today is my first day back in Charlotte in a week because I was in Baltimore over the weekend before we went to Florida.  

Laundry! Mills! Rental properties to deal with! Working out!  Yard Work!  


  1. It looks like such a fun time! Also, I love your maxi dress. You always have such cute clothes. :)

  2. Sounds like a great trip! The sunset at Brett's Waterway Cafe really is breathtaking!

  3. When you go back, dine at Le clos! My fave off Centre St.

  4. I LOVE Amelia & that Ritz. Great people!

  5. So fun meeting you guys!! Let's hope we have many more trips together!

  6. looks like a beautiful place : ) I definitely understand what you mean when you say trip vs. vacation !

  7. So jealous. My grandparents lived on Amelia Island so I spent most of my childhood there for holidays. I love it so much and it holds such a special place in my heart. No one ever knew of it when I used to talk about it but now it is a household name.

  8. A) I'm jealous of your fab vacation and B) I can't believe your husband is so awesome about always getting pics with you. I've FAILED at that in the first year of marriage. Woof.