Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Oh this weekend was SO necessary.  Don't you all wish every weekend was three days?!

On Friday at lunch I got Mills a kiddie pool.  This dog is now obsessed with his pool.  It's actually good because he runs so hard out back...now he has a place to cool off this summer.  

Friday night we did absolutely nothing and it was glorious and needed.  We did get a huge hail storm so we tried to get my car in the garage as far as possible (it already had two cars in there).  Kevin had lots of emails with claims immediately so he worked on those at 8pm that night.

The hail was so big and it took a good 15 minutes for it to melt in 85 degree heat.

We ordered pizza for dinner and Mills begged like a crazy animal.  Obviously we can tell who usually feeds him. ;)

Saturday morning I felt a ton better.  We went to Stacks for breakfast, Lowes and picked up lots of plants (I'll do a separate post on this) and to the Farmers Market.  Productive lil morning.  We did yard work the rest of the day.

Then we took Kevin's parents to a place called Blackthorne for dinner.  They had soft shell crabs as a special so I had to get that.  It was good but I could have done without the gazpacho underneath.  TCBY was our sweet treat afterwards.  They came back to our house and looked at what we had done to the yard.  Nice lil evening!

Sunday I woke up and prepped food for a cookout that night.  My friend Lindsey and her husband Chris (Florida wedding from November) were in town from Dallas and they stayed with us.  

Oh this is what we did Saturday...bagged 12 bags of trimmings from our yard.

But first on Sunday afternoon I got to meet up with Beth at the airport cell phone lot to say hey.  We were college roommates and sorority sisters.  They were in town from MA/NH visiting her inlaws. SO good to see her.   

Back to prepping for Sunday night.  Burger toppings.  The tomatoes were delicious!

Asiago Rosemary cheese from Trader Joe's and horseradish pub cheese.  Favorites.

Red and blue koozies for Memorial Day.

Mills was ready in his red and blue.

Lauren and Andrew also came over so the 6 of us had a nice meal and got to catch up.  

Kevin, Chris, Andrew and a very tired Mills.  I don't know if I've ever seen him that exhausted.

Monday morning I fixed brunch for Lindsey, Chris, Kevin and I.  Bloody marys and mimosas were in order.

They got on the road after brunch.  It was wonderful to see them.  

Kevin put up our Pawleys Island hammock that my brother and sister in law gave us for our wedding.  He couldn't get out of it all day! 

I made this necklace holder yesterday.  I had gone to Lowes on Friday at lunch and gotten the $6 worth of supplies.  I followed Rachel's easy tutorial here.  If I can make this, anyone can.  Rachel is handy, I'm not!  This gives me so much extra room in my drawers and fits perfectly on the wall in my closet.  I'm so excited with it!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.  

In case you missed my Vegas recap yesterday, see link here.


  1. omg Mills and that bowtie. Adorable. Looks like y'all had a great weekend!

  2. Looks like a busy but super fun weekend. I love you DIY necklace holder, I need to make this. Right now I have two big hooks and the necklaces always get so tangled.

  3. My mouth is watering at those tomatoes, holy cow!!! (And also I'm with you, I'm not a gazpacho fan at all!)

  4. Yay!!! We had the best time!! Thanks again for everything. Miss you already!!

  5. I need some of that Rosemary Cheese! YUM!! Also the bow tie on Mills?! Adorable!!

  6. I love that burlap drink tub! And Mills looks adorable in his collar haha! It looks like y'all had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week!