Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - New Monogram

Y'all know how obsessed with monograms I am.  I've talked about it a lot on here.  So of course it was essential to get some things done now to use on April 7th!

Each of our parents gave us a set of white king sheets for Christmas.  They know us!  Top pillowcase in the picture below is the set Kevin's parents gave us.  Second monogram is the set my parents gave us.  I think these both are classy and they'll go with any bedding set we choose (I still can't figure that out -- I'm SO indecisive on this which is odd for me).

My parents also gave us towels.  I love the blue and we just went with the stark white monogram.  It pops well.  Kevin sometimes has issues using his own towel after a shower....  Therefore, it was mandatory that he got his initials and I got mine.  When I brought them home he said, "I like those."  I couldn't believe that he admitted to liking something monogrammed.  His only request for when we're married - "can our whole house not be monogrammed please?"  

I'm working on toning it down.  I didn't get the flat sheet of bed sheets monogrammed....

April gave me this idea of getting a white bathing suit and monogramming the bottom back.  I picked this up yesterday and love it!  I did coral since it's part of our wedding colors.  I think it turned out wonderfully.  I still get very confused going into the monogramming shop and saying ELG instead of EAL.  I really have to think about it so I don't tell them wrong!

My friend Tara gave me a coral infinity scarf for my birthday with my new monogram in green.  It is soooo pretty and I will be wearing that on the plane to Hawaii!  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of this before I left the house this morning. 

Anyway, I hope to add a couple more things with my new monogram before the big day.  It's so fun!


  1. Such cute stuff! I have a monogram question for the monogram Queen - I'm wanting to get a patch sewn into my dress with my initials and wedding I get my maiden initials or new initials??

  2. I love all of it!! The coral looks amazing on the white! My mom is in the process of buying an embroidery/applique machine and I am so excited about having her monogram everything for me!!!

  3. I love love love the monogram on the white bathing suit. I've never seen that, but its so perfect!

  4. Your unmarried monogram is the same as my unmarried monogram was! Whenever I order anything monogrammed now, I still have to check three or four times because I'm not used to my new monogram yet.

    I love the sheets, towels, and esp. the swimsuit. How cute! Corey has warned me not to monogram our entire home as well!

  5. Yay for new a new monogram! Such cute stuff!

  6. monogram linens are the best!! definitely some of my favorite wedding/shower gifts for sure :)

  7. Love all your goodies, especially the sheets! Have you thought of all white bedding that you can change up with fun pillows and throw blankets?

    I've heard of some brides having a whole monogram shower to get new monogrammed goodies..think I will definitely be requesting one of those when the day comes!

  8. What a great idea with the swimsuit! Eeek! How exciting that you are getting so close to the wedding now. :)