Monday, January 14, 2013

Dinner Party

On Saturday night we hosted a dinner party at our house for a few couples!  There were 8 of us total.
I did a cheese tray and some nuts for appetizers during cocktail hour.  Then we had a caesar salad, chili and jalapeno cornbread.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars were an easy dessert.  Whenever I have people over for dinner, I like to do meals that are low maintenance for when the guests are there.  I like to do all the prep beforehand so I can enjoy our time with friends.
Had to use the NC State trays with their big win over Duke on Saturday!
Matt and Mills
After dinner we all wandered to our backyard which is basically where we live.  We can wait to redo it with stone (rip out that concrete pad) and a big stone fireplace and built in gas grill and mini fridge.  One day...hopefully in the next year!
Fran and Matt with Mills.  They need another puppy!
Fran, me, Jess, Kim
Then Kevin evidently thought it'd be wonderful to wear these terrible shirts out to a hole in the wall bar called Yellow Rose....his old stomping ground years ago.  It's been so warm that Kevin did wear shorts.  The bedroom slippers - well, I'm not sure why he wore those!
Mills was supervising of course!
We had a wonderful night with great friends!  Come back soon you guys!


  1. I love how you all hold Miles like he weighs 5 pounds. S cute.

  2. Mill is getting so big! What a fun night!!

  3. Mills is so big! Love the pic of his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth..he looks like he is in Heaven from all of the attention. :) Your dinner sounds like it was super yummy!

  4. Yay for dry runs! Can't wait to see you Thursday :)

  5. Your backyard is amazing and I can't wait to see the improvements you make on it!

  6. Mills has gotten so big! He is adorable! It looks like you had a great time!

  7. That picture of Kevin is soooo funny!