Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Gift Organization

Mom has always told me that traditionally you can display some/most of your wedding gifts (usually on your mom and dad's or family's dining room table).  Well for us, that's not really practical since my parents are in Maryland and the wedding is in North Carolina. 
And with all of the extra space in our home, we bought a plastic table at walmart, added a paper tablecloth which looks hideous and I got to work on displaying our gifts!
Don't worry, as I mentioned yesterday, Mama is sending me a tablecloth to use so this red thang will be discarded shortly.
But, at least I got all the boxes out of a spare room and did something with them.  We aren't using any gifts until after the wedding.  Just our choice.
Also for Christmas, his parents gave us King white sheets and so did my parents.  They think alike!   Mom also gave us two towel sets which were highly necessary. 
Well y'all know I wasted no time in going over to L&M to get all of it monogrammed.  They turned it around in less than 24 hours!  And I had told them no rush!  I can't wait to see it all. 
I'll have to take pictures of the finished products.  I'm excited to break out the sheets and towels on April 7th.  Until then, we'll do with what we've got! 
And if you're wondering...that was more than likely not my last trip to L&M before our wedding.  I've got to be prepared for a new monogram, ladies!
Best part of the gazillion monogrammed items I have?!  My sister in law has my same initials as they are today!  So she gets all of my leftover stationery, towels, hand towels, geez, I feel like everything I own is monogrammed.  She gets it all...except my Matouk bedding set in the guest room.  I think she'll understand! ;)   But isn't that funny we currently have the same monogram?!  She and my brother were meant to be for many reasons, evidently!


  1. My mom did this at her house when we were getting married. She loves to "merchandise" things & so she displayed it like a department store. Rob got the biggest kick out of it. I just rolled my eyes! You're right to not use it before the wedding - it's bad luck! ;)

  2. I love taking stuff to my monogrammer! I know I'll be so excited to use my new monogram, that I'll take everything possible to my monogrammer when I get engaged haha! And your sister-in-law is SO lucky! I'm sure she'll love all of her new monogrammed items!

  3. My mentioned something about displaying the gifts but I had never heard of it.
    We were different. We TOTALLY starting using our things before the wedding.
    I'm weird about clutter and I had to get all that stuff organized and in it's place.

  4. Yay for all of the monograms! It looks like you will have lovely things to use after the wedding. :)

  5. Your willpower is much stronger than mine, my friend. We will definitely be using our gifts before the wedding..but mainly just because I want to go ahead and put them in their places. :) PS - I'm totally a registry peeker, too.

  6. I've never heard of displaying your gifts...but I like it! Also, what's L&M? I'm curious!