Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simplify Your Life

Over Christmas while I was in Maryland at my parents, Mom and I talked about how I need to simplify things and not be so crazy about everything being done perfectly all the time.  

Actually we didn't talk about it.  She told me I needed to do it.  Love Moms!

So since I've been back, I've been looking for ways to make my life more simple.

This box has made a difference.  And yes I know that's weird....it's a plastic bin for goodness sake.

But yall, I used to obsessively fold every single piece of my running clothes when they came out of the dryer every single day.  And guess what?  

Now I don't.  

And it has been amazing.  Something so small has made such a difference for me.  I know, it's ridiculous but it has!  Now I just throw them in there.  They don't wrinkle and who really cares if they do.

Something else that has made my life easier....moving Mills' dog bowls inside near the kitchen sink and closer to his food stash.  He gets to be inside and not on our porch all the time.  I can refill both a lot easier without letting him out of my sight.  Basic my friends, but so.much.easier for me.

#3 - I used to be obsessive about wet swiffering our floors every time I saw a speck of dirt.  Well not anymore.  I'm trying to let.it.go.  Easier said than done on this one but I'm working on it.  As Mama says - it is OKAY.

And she's right.  Again.

Simplify your life.


  1. I hate dirty floors, too! Since we have hardwood, though, I just spot clean with Orange Glow and a rag when we have a small spill. It helps tremendously!

  2. Love your mom's advice! I try to only Swiffer our floors once a week. It's funny, but Swiffering actually drives me crazy because I feel it's not as thorough as scrubbing the floor...so maybe I have another problem! Every once in awhile I stop folding my husband's "around the house shirts" and it really does make it fast to put away the laundry. He just goes through clothes so fast!

  3. Love this post! Believe it or not, teaching has caused me to be way less Type A and I let things go so much more these days...how refreshing!

  4. About time my friend! Simplifying & making life easier is fabulous!

  5. I love your mom's advice! I've been given similar advice by my mom, too. I used to stress about my house beingclean, but my mom said I'll never look back on my life at her age and say I wished I had cleaned more. She told me to let it go which I have done. It wasn't easy at first, but it was great advice!

    I hope you have a great week! :-)