Friday, January 25, 2013

Hana Air Hair Dryer

I'm a terrible person.  I received this hair dryer around Thanksgiving and I've yet to do a review on it.  Mills, the holidays and crazy work....those are my excuses.

Anyway, I must say I wasn't crazy about this Hana Air Professional hair dryer.  But it's really because of my horse hair.

It has power ladies.  If you're looking for a hair dryer that has power...this is it.  It will blow you away.  

I require heat and unfortunately this one didn't have it.

It says it gets hot but it didn't get even close to hot enough for my thick, naturally curly hair.

But, as with all Misikko products and Hana Salon items, it came beautifully packaged and you can tell it is well-made.  It just isn't for my hair.  And that is okay.  But I will say this - if you are just looking to get your hair dry - this thing is quick!  Very quick!

Since it wasn't for me, it is currently passing through my group of girlfriends to see who likes it best and whoever that may be, will keep it.  Gotta pay it forward! :)

I was getting my hair done recently and my hair gal told me about a way to do my hair using Aveda Confixor and a diffuser.  She said I could make it wavy.  I really want to try that.  Anyone done this?

And I'd love to find a good curling iron.  Mine is from Target and it's fine for how often I use it but I do have to use very small sections for the curl to stay any amount of time.  Maybe the Confixor would help this too.  Who knows! constant battle!


  1. Awww that stinks. I really want to try this hair dryer out!

  2. I have the opposite problem as you with the same dryer mine gets SO hot my scalp gets too hot!

  3. You should try a Babyliss. It is 2000 watts, so it has the power, but it also has the heat. I've come pretty close to burning myself a few times with mine! It's only about $50 on amazon, so its also a good value!

  4. so sad it didn't work for you - i love mine so much!! hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!!

  5. I so {heart} my diffuser. I use mousse for curly hair. I also use a hair laminator gel from my salon. It keeps the frizzies out and makes my hair really soft despite the mousse. I'll have to do a before and after picture with this laminator stuff. I'll forever use it now since it makes such a huge difference.

  6. Don't we all have issues with our hair! I have naturally straight hair, which while nice, can sometimes be discouraging--my hair won't hold a curl for anything! I've enjoyed my Hana dryer but I could see where it would be tough with thicker hair! So nice to pass it to your friends!

  7. looks nice, I have another good one that has helped me a lot. It's the karmin g3 hair dryer, it's amazing too. :D

  8. i am so tempted by this hair dryer! if none of your gfs want, let me know! i would buy it from you :) thanks for the review!!

  9. I bought this dryer recently and found it to be okay but not amazing. Many reviews I read were from girls with pretty straight or wavy hair and as a curly haired girl I didn't find that it gave me results that were much better than my generic hair dryer. Also, the buttons are a pain and all the goodies I've seen in all the reviews were misleading as I received mostly junk. Still got frizz that I had to flatiron away. Overall, not worth shelling out the money. As a side note, it's not for lack of skill as I'm very good with a blowdryer.