Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Updated To Do List

1.  Finish hotel bags.  I need to buy some more of the stuff we are putting in them.  I plan to have these completed (stuffed, tagged and ribbon tied) by the end of February. 

2.  Make sure the groomsmen get measured and order their tuxes by the end of February.

3.  Figure out engravings in our rings.  Any advice?

4.  Get my Dad and Kevin to each pick out the songs we will dance to at the beginning of the evening!

5.  The invitations are getting calligraphered as we speak so these must get mailed out by the first week of February.  This is Mama's detail!

6.  Finish up pre-marital counseling.  It has been ridiculous finding a time convenient for Kevin, the minister and I both.  We have two sessions left but I hope he'll combine these into one just for time sake.

7.  Order koozies.  I'm waiting on a gal at Paper Twist to send me the font file that is going to be used on all of our wedding paper products!

8.  My Aunt is planning the bridal luncheon for the Friday before the wedding.  We need to get chat about details.

9.  Find a pen for the guest book.  Any ideas?

10.  I've wrapped most gifts but I still need to do the groomsmen and a couple miscellaneous gifts.  Also need to write notes.

11.  Tastings for the rehearsal dinner (Kevin's Mom is working on scheduling) and reception (scheduled for February 7).


  1. You are getting so close! It sounds like you are almost ready though and so organized!

  2. Just a note for the pen for the guest book. Find a nicer looking inexpensive pen. The nice ones have a tendency to disappear (not on purpose....but people forget and walk off with them sometimes). And Matt and I did infinity symbols in our wedding bands. :) good are getting so close!

  3. It sounds like you are so organized! My wedding is this May and I feel like I still have so much to do! Good luck with all your planning

  4. My dad had the wedding date engraved on the inside of his ring - nice to commemorate, but he also didn't ever have an excuse to miss their anniversary!!! :)

  5. It's getting close!! You re a million times more organized than I ever was. But then again I planned everything in just 6 months, the same 6 months that were a part of my first year of teaching and standardized testing. I was a crazy person!

    As for engravings, I wish we had been more creative. We just had our initials plus the date (JSW to REW 7.26.08). I like it and how simple it is, but I love when I hear of creative things people get in their rings!

  6. Joey and I went together to get the rings engraved but we each stepped away while the other one decided what to put. So it will be a surprise to each of us on the wedding day!

    Where is your bridal luncheon going to be? My aunts are hosting mine the Friday before the wedding too!

    Your day will be here in no time - so exciting!!

  7. My husband did my nickname , Honeypot, on mine and I did our wedding date and Me Encanta(our saying to each other) on his. Definitley make it a surprise.

    Good luck finishing up!

  8. My parents did their initials and the date

    "MWT to MJG June 9, 1973"

    Simple and to the point!

  9. I bought a nice, inepensive pen on ebay. It was a gold filigree with small stand and less than $20. I couldn't handle the feather stuff lol.

  10. Go girl! You are getting it done! I'm keeping Cameron's engraving a surprise. :x Who knows if he even knows to get something engraved on mine? I can't wait to send out the invitations!!

  11. I was thinking about surprising Brian with an engraving on his band. If I do end up doing that I'll probably end up using our date and maybe something short and meaningful (phrase or something).


  12. I can't believe you're so close to being done with all of the prep! My father and grandfather both did initials and wedding dates which I love.

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