Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Getting Organized

Thanks for everyone replying yesterday to the get to know YOU post!  I loved that and got to "meet" a lot of you!  :)

This past weekend I had some time to get our wedding room organized.  I want to make my life EASY in March so I do a little bit as I go.  I've wrapped all of the attendant gifts...will write the notes as it gets closer. I have 4 more gifts to wrap...that's pretty good considering I've done 25 gifts or so.  I need to find boxes or bags in our wedding colors which I plan to do this week.  

I got the ribbon and tissue paper from Nashville Wraps.  It was very reasonable and I got everything really quickly!  The wrapping paper which you can barely see in the top right of the first picture below is from Paper Source.  

I also organized what needs to go where and when.  I met with my wedding planning/weekend of ladies last week and they wrote down what needs to go where and when that week.  So when I got home, I put everything in labeled shopping bags.  As things get finished, they'll go the appropriate bag.  Week of the wedding, I'll take each bag where it goes and I'm done!

I had gotten these frames 40% off at Michael's last summer specifically for our parents 8x10 wedding pictures.  I don't know how to turn this iPhone picture (it doesn't work when I just save it horizontally).  

Anyway, Kevin's parents are on the left, mine are on the right.  I plan to have these on the cake table, if they will fit.  Otherwise on a side table in the cocktail hour area.  

My parents have been married for 40 years in June and Kevin's parents will have been married 42 years in September.  We feel fortunate for such good examples of it should be!

That's all I have wedding related this week.  Next weekend kicks off more wedding events!


  1. Love how organized you are! My wedding room looks like a tornado went through it.

  2. I loved SEEING your "wedding room" in person. You're ridiculous and I love it!

    My parents will ALSO celebrate their 40th in June (like 2 weeks after our wedding)! I wanted to do something special at the wedding to acknowledge it. Any ideas??

  3. Love the framed pictures of your parents! I did the same with pictures of our parents and grandparents.

  4. Love the wedding pictures of your parents...I hope to do the same thing!

    Getting organized is probably saving you a lot of stress later!