Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last Two Questions Answered - Diet and Exercise

I promise I didn't forget to response to the last two questions from my questions post awhile back! 

Here is the first one from Miss Southern Prep - "I know you run, but what's your workout routine like?"

I go in phases of running.  I'll do it 3-4 days a week for 6 months then get sick of it and just walk a couple of days a week for 2 months then go back to running all the time.  That's how I've always been with it.  I cannot and will not run 6 days a week.  One, I don't have time for that (although time is never an excuse not to exercise, I believe you can always find time) but realistically it just doesn't happen with work travel and life.  Two, the impact is terrible on your body.  Three, I'll get burnt out on running in general and not go back to it for even longer!   

I don't do much else other than run and walk.  I know, I'm boring.  I have some free Flywheel classes on my account that I'd like to use.  Workout classes don't do much for me.  I'd rather just go run 5 miles. 

And like anyone else, if I have a race or a goal, I'm much better at exercising.  Right now, I just walk Mills almost every day and run every now and then.  It's been weird/hard trying to get in a rhythm since being in the house versus uptown Charlotte where I had a couple running buddies. 

And the second question is from Steel Magnolia - "What is your pre- and post-run fuel of choice?"

When I was doing long runs every Saturday morning, I had one egg prior to going out the door.  It just worked for me.  When I came back I'd drink a lot of water and eat pretty healthy...smoothies etc.  I always eat better when I am exercising.  Come to think about it, I love smoothies and should make them more often.  They fill you up and I use a little Splenda in them so they almost feel like a dessert too!   

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  1. We are a lot alike. Classes don't do much for me either.
    In high school and college I loved them but not anymore.
    I find walking and doing weights on my own I'm able to think and clear my mind.