Thursday, January 17, 2013


I don't get to go to too many cool places for work but for about 24 hours this week, I was in Chicago.  My work was about 1 hour west of the city but of course I had to go downtown and check it out.  I can't believe it was my first time there.
I went for a quick run to check it out.  I always think that's the best way to see any city.  They've got this great path along the lake that a lot of people exercise on.  It kinda freaked me out being out there by myself so I ran along Michigan Avenue instead which meant I got to see all of the fun shops!
I went back to the hotel and showered and went to get some sushi at Ra.  It was about a 5 block walk from the hotel.
I've never asked someone to take a picture of just me, but I did in Chicago.  What can I say?!  I'm branching out!
The bellman insisted on this picture.  It was a nice place to stay and very convenient.  Cracks me up that my valet parking was half of the room rate!
Kev, check out those chandeliers......they'd be nice one day.  Or even just one half the size!
The next morning I was able to visit with my Mom's cousin, his wife and son Alex.  I guess that makes them my cousins too but I call them Aunt and Uncle.  We went to Walker Brothers Original Pancake House and then visited my Uncle in an assisted living place.  He just went in there the last week of November.  Very sad but best for everyone.  We laugh that he is smarter than every person in there COMBINED!  He seriously is.  He worked up until a couple of years ago as one of the top docs in Chicago!
Afterwards, they took me to see Allstate, Kevin's corporate world!  They have a huge campus in Northbrook! 
I have Allstate to thank for many fun trips, right ladies?!
I cruised back to Charlotte.  It was COLD in Chicago.  Not sure how anyone deals with it!  But it was a fun trip even though I was by myself.  Next time, Kevin and I are going....and not in January!
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  1. You should have come here in December. We had a warm spell. It was really hot and humid here this past summer too.
    The OHOP is a great place to go for breakfast , lunch or dinner. My husband and I have gone at all times of the day. I love their dutch baby and of course they are known for their apple pancake.
    Allstate is based in Northbrook and well I usually go past it twice a day.

  2. I used to live only a few blocks from there and I loved it. The Original House of Pancakes was a great after test place that we would go to and RA - mmmm. The pictures brought back so many memories!

  3. You are just THE CUTEST! Love those selfies!

  4. How fun! I'll be right outside of Chicago next month and I really want to see the city. I'm trying to talk Ian into catching a flight in to join me!

  5. I love Chicago- I've been four times, but only in February and November! So funny!

  6. I've been once and loved it. One of my best friends moved there a few months back so it's an excuse to go and visit again!

  7. I've never been to Chicago- it looks like you had a great time! Your pics are so cute. And I totally agree - the cold weather stinks. It snowed here yesterday.

  8. I love Chicago and nice weather definitely helps! xx

  9. Yes, you definitely need to go back with Kevin during a warmer month. ;) Next time you'll also have to try some Chicago deep dish pizza.