Thursday, January 31, 2013


So I have to brag.

On Kevin.

After quitting his career at Bank of America, he started his insurance/financial business in June 2010.  His first full year (2011) he won all kinds of crazy trips - remember New Orleans, New Orleans again, Miami and Atlanta?  That was unbelievable for a brand new agent.  All kinds of people in corporate told him they couldn't believe he did that well.  I could!

On Tuesday of this week, he went to the Southeast regional kickoff meeting.  He didn't go last year because he doesn't believe in all the corporate uhhh "stuff" is a good way to call it.  But this year he decided to go.  He went uptown and there were a thousand agents there from North and South Carolina and all the corporate people too.  The Southeast region is the largest out of his companies 10 regions.  It makes up for 25% of their overall business too.
Anyway Kevin rolls into this meeting on Tuesday in a button down and khaki slacks.  The other 999 people there?  Suits.  They didn't tell him the dress code and Kevin isn't one to dress up just because the corporate people will be there.  HILARIOUS.
Then it got to award time.  Out of the entire region, Kevin was named 2012 AGENT OF THE YEAR y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
He went up on stage in front of all of these people in his business casual outfit and owned it!!!!!  He said all these spotlights were on him and loud music and confetti.  He didn't even know he was nominated for it. 
There are agents that have worked for this company for 20+ years that haven't gotten such a prestigious award.  Kevin got it in his SECOND year of business.  I am SOOOO proud of him, can yall tell?!!
In true Kevin fashion, he called on his way home and I asked him how the day went.  He was so low key about the award, I could hardly get it out of him.  I could just tell something really great happened.  Then of course I was all teary because I was so happy for him!  And I was cracking up about his outfit.
We had a big time FaceTiming with my parents to tell them the news.  Then his parents came over for dinner and Kevin told them the whole story.  Since his Dad was an agent for 30+ years, he was VERY impressed.  Now Kevin has gotten an award that his Dad didn't.  Kevin thinks that's fun and picked on him about it.
Kevin is so humble, he won't take the award to be displayed in his office.  He probably won't even tell his office people or friends about it.  That's just the way he is.  So I get to do it, ha!
And you know what this also goes to say: Doesn't matter how you look, it matters what you know! 
Congratulations to Kevin!!!!!!


  1. That is SOOOO awesome! It's truly b/c of his personality!! You got yourself a good one :)

  2. That is so great!! Congratulations to Kevin! We can tell you are so proud of your fiance..and you should be! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, congrats to Kevin! How exciting!!

  4. That's such exciting news!! Of course you should brag!!

  5. Oh that's so amazing!! You have every right to brag it up! Congrats to Kevin!!


  6. That is wonderful news-congrats to Kevin!!

  7. Congrats Kevin! That is so awsome and how sweet is he!

  8. That is AMAZING! I love to hear a sweet girl brag about her sweet guy - very heartwarming!

  9. Wow - That's impressive! Congrats to Kevin... and to you, for snagging yourself some financial security ;)