Friday, January 11, 2013

The Month of January

The month of January.
Isn't it supposed to be more low key?  Right after the holidays, kinda chill time?
The time where you catch up with friends who you never seem to see?
The time where you eat healthier and exercise more?
Oh, that's right.  Like living your life instead of living in a worldwind?  
So far I haven't done that in 2013.  I basically have these next 3 weeks to get my act together and feel good about where I am before the wedding craziness begins. 
In order to make this happen, I will learn to say no and not feel bad about it (this is SO hard for me).  I will run to maintain my sanity.  I will lay on the couch with Mills.  I will eat dinner with Kevin and not look at my phone during it.  Maybe I can even cook dinner instead of him doing it every night (wishful thinking!).  I need to not commit to a single extra thing. 
Oh my gracious I'm overwhelmed.  Can y'all tell?!  HA!
Happy Weekend!


  1. One of my goals too is to say NO more. I have a REALLY hard time with this as I am a people pleaser but a lot of the time it is not what I want to do. Happy Friday!!

  2. Your wedding really is almost here!! So exciting! I hope you can squeeze in some time to relax. I have to work on saying no sometimes too!

  3. I have struggled with that my entire life. Good Luck.

  4. I can't believe your wedding day is almost here! Try to rest up and soak it all in while you can!