Friday, July 20, 2012

Dinner Out

Kevin and I never go to dinner by ourselves.  I know that's crazy but we just don't.  We always have something else going on or go with others.  Not that we mind those things, but sometimes it's nice to just go the two of us. 

We had a groupon to Dresslers so that's where we went.  He got the Halibut, I got the Tuna.  Both were great.  We even got dessert which we never do, but you don't go to Dresslers without getting it.  The owner's Mom makes the desserts.  I felt so large when we left there.  So we walked into Best Buy and Target to try to walk some of it off.  Ha, it was worth it though.

In other news, I got attached by fire ants on a job site on Wednesday.  It has happened before about 7 years ago when I was on the IKEA site and the Arsley site in Charlotte.  My ankle has woken me up itching the past two nights.  Glorious. 

Got some miles in with Kristen this morning but it was so humid.  But hey at least we did it. 

Cheers to the weekend!


  1. Love that you guys took a photo for dinner with the two of you.
    Brad's pretty good about pictures but not sure if he would have been cool with that!
    TGIF!! :)

  2. I hate ant bites! Check Pinterest to see if you can find any cool remedies.

  3. yikes hope you feel better! It's funny you made the dinner alone comment-I have the same problem! My boyfriend lives in NYC now and there always seem to be friends or his roomies that want to join in! Not that I mind but alone time together is always great!