Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

My parents and I started Christmas around 9am.  We missed Clay, Emily, Anna Kate and Fin being with us.

These are our neighbors and their dog.

He is wearing a Maryland Santa hat and Dad is wearing a new NC State running hat.

Mom is always so creative on our stockings.  Pineapple corer, Sylvia Benson hair pins, crab coasters, lilly cocktail napkins, flower cocktail napkins, Lilly koozie, a pocket notepad, gummy lifesavers, nail file, lottery tickets and a navy blue box.  More on the navy blue box in another post!  ;)

And how about this GORGEOUS antique table they gave me?  Love it and can't wait to get it back to NC.  Not sure how that is going to happen yet but we'll see. 
I also received a dutch oven, 12" skillet, some clothes, emergency radio, scarf (from friends), frame (Emily's parents) and a new clutch.  Too much!

A couple favorite ornaments on our tree...the crab.

A Santa made with an oyster shell. 

A Christmas post isn't complete without the tree picture.  They used some new lights this year that can be left on at all times (at night and when we leave the house).  They don't look as great as the other ones but it's nice to have the convenience to not worry about it.  Mom is posing by it.  Sorry the picture won't turn!

Oh and here is another old ornament.  It is really pretty and was made out of an ostrich egg.  How cool is that?  Very fragile.

My favorite part is giving others gifts.  I got Dad a neat Peter Millar shirt, NC State hat, LUSH shaving cream.  I got Mom some new slippers, Thyme Kimono Rose lotion, really strong magnets for Anna Kate pictures and some lipstick.  Mom got Dad a stationary bike holder among lots of clothes.  Dad gave Mom a new mailbox post (ha!), a pretty pair of earrings and some fun accessories from Nordstrom.

Santa was too good to all of us.  Way too many things!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  What was your favorite gift that you gave and received?


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! Love the antique side table!!

  2. I love that antique table! I'm from Maryland too, live near Baltimore/Towson :)

    Glad you had a very Merry Christmas and that I came across you on here!