Monday, November 1, 2010


Saturday morning, Dad and I ran the Runway 5K...on the Charlotte airport runway.  We had a good time but weren't pleased with our times.  We blame it on all the children and how cold it was!!!

Saturday afternoon Mom and I shopped all day.  She got about 5 or 6 Christmas presents and we visited Katherine at Lilly and J. Crew.  :)

Saturday night, Kim and Jeff and her parents came over to my condo before the Carrie Underwood concert for cocktails and appetizers.  We had the BEST time.  Here's the crowd.
 Here we all are in the arena.  Mom was rocking her orange pants!
 The four of us.  We love Jeff and Kimmy!  Yes, I had to have my cowgirl hat on!  :)
There's Carrie.  She was awesome in concert.  Definitely recommend you going to see her if she's coming near you on her tour!
 She got in this truck and it took her all over the arena above the crowd.  Very cool.
Here are the four of us on our walk back to Avenue.  I live about 1.5 blocks from the arena...yes very convenient.  I'm lucky!
Back at the Avenue was the Halloween Party on the 10th floor so we had to stop by there of course!  Here is Kimmy's husband Jeff and my Mom!
 My Kimmy and I!  Love her!
 Mom messing with Dad!
We had a great time and all of us felt it on Sunday!!!

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