Monday, September 13, 2010

Kevin's Birthdays!

So the story goes like this.  There are 4 Kevin's that live in our building.  They all work(ed) at Bank of America for years until my Kevin left in April.  Three of the four Kevin's live on the same floor.

Last week it was Kevin M.'s birthday.  Lizzy put together a surprise birthday dinner for him at Basil.  He was so surprised!
Molly and Teddy.  They are presch.
Kevin and I.
The whole group!
Then we headed to Ri Ra and hung out on the patio.  Here are the girls - Lisa, Lizzy, me, Molly.
Kevin, me, Lisa, Drew, Lizzy and Kevin.  Thank you all for inviting us!  We had the best time meeting your friends!

Then on Saturday night was Kevin M's birthday.  His wife Elena through him a huge birthday party on the 10th floor of our building.
They had it catered with a low country boil and steaks off the grill.  So good.
This was the yum cake.  Kevin rowed growing up and those are the designs of each team.  Also is a 2000 bottle of Dom Perignon that one of his family members gave him.  And he shared it with everyone - how nice was that?!!
Here are three of the four Kevin's and their girls.  :)
It was a great weekend and yesterday we relaxed and watched some football. 

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  1. Hi Annie! Happy Belated Birthday to Kevin! Looks like yall were able to celebrate in style, I just LOVE pic #3 of you two! The low country dinner looks DELISH, and that cake and the Dom - WOWZA! Nom nom nom!! :) xoxo Hugs to you beautiful, hope you're having a great week!