Friday, December 30, 2016

Year In Review

What a year 2016 was!  Kevin had a busy year with two businesses and 2016 was his most difficult year of his career yet.  I was busy traveling a lot to Utah and other places for work.  Our favorite part of the year was seeing Molly Anne transform from a baby into the sweetest and wildest little girl!

Here is a quick summary....

January - Molly Anne's first flight!

February - Kevin and I went to Park City and Molly Anne had her first swim class!

March - First Easter!

April - I went to Boise to see my cousins and Kevin and I went to Puerto Rico!

May - I went to Vegas and Molly Anne and I went to Maryland!

June - Kevin and I went to Denver, we closed on our lot and we went to Amelia Island for Nana's birthday!

July - Molly Anne turned one and she and I went to Pawleys Island!  She also stopped formula and bottles this month!

August - we went to Ocean City, Maryland for vacation and Mills had surgery!

September - Molly Anne and I went to Maryland and she took her first steps!

October - Molly Anne was a duck for Halloween, we visited the pumpkin patch with good friends and she really started to talk a lot this month!

November - We attended a Veterans Day charity event and went to Pawleys for Thanksgiving!  Going to Charleston on Black Friday was a highlight too!

December - Molly Anne visited with Santa a few times, we did ALL of the Christmas things in town and celebrated Christmas!

Wow, looks like we traveled a ton!  We look forward to 2017 which will be an exciting year for us!


  1. What a year y'all had! So many fun things. Can't wait to follow along into 2017!

  2. Not a single mention of the new house!! I bet that'll be a huge focus for you guys in 2017. Can't wait to see how that project develops and what locations 2017 takes you to! Happy New Year!