Monday, December 5, 2016


I was a little MIA last week.  I had scheduled most posts but was in Utah from really early Tuesday morning until midnight on Thursday night.  It was technically only two nights, three days but I didn't see Molly Anne from Monday night until Friday morning. 

We worked our little tails off covering a ton of ground.  Tuesday we flew four hours there and when we got there, we jumped in the car for 8 hours of touring the market, looking for new sites.  

It's so weird but when I go out there for these longer trips, I literally am in a different world.  I talk to Kevin via text and get pictures and videos of Molly Anne from him, but I can't usually FaceTime with them because of the time change.  It's okay though, I think it's really good for Kevin to have alone time with her.  ANYWAY!

We did have a really good time.  We had third row, center court tickets to the Jazz game on Tuesday night.  They included a dinner at the "VIP" club before the game started.  

I'm not sure who on earth would pay $795 for a seat to a game other than the Superbowl but whatever!  We had fun and we didn't pay $795 times 6.  Haha!

The second night we went to Market Street Grille (our favorite) for oysters, shrimp, Jack Daniels, clam chowder and the best Halibut Oscar.  YUM and such a treat.

Then our local contact took us on a ride and showed us a bunch of things.  This is THE temple.  We also went up in the neighborhood that's on the side of a mountain and had an amazing view of Salt Lake City.  

So that's that.  We landed after 11pm on Thursday night and I cruised on home.  Friday morning began with Molly Anne waking up at 7am and I was back to being Mama!


  1. Looks like a fun work trip to me! $795 is insane! And who goes to a game alone, so more than likely they are paying at least double for that! Wow!

  2. I have never been to a NBA game...just doesn't do it for me. 795, that is freaking insane!

  3. A very fun work trip benefit!!! Hope had a great weekend home!

  4. So crazy on the ticket prices!! I've been told they do it to help season ticket holders on resell value ... They charge one price but mark "face value" way more ... Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Looks like you got to do a few fun things on your work trip! The temple is so pretty!