Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Swim, Santa, Tree

Recap of the weekend!

After I picked Molly Anne up from Ms. Becky's on Friday afternoon, we headed to swim class.  We still have four make up sessions at Aqua Tots that we need to use.  She lovedddd being in the water.  

When we came home from swim, Kevin had set all of this out for me.  How sweet is that?!  He knows I love a rosemary tree around Christmas time!

We went to the clubhouse in our neighborhood for the children's Christmas party!

Sants!!!  That afternoon she had gone up to her crib sheets and pointed at Santa and said, "Sants!" Then a few hours later she got to see him in person.  Christmas is so magical in the eyes of children.

Cookie decorating.

Not really a fan again this week...

But some fruity, sugary drink and a half a sugar cookie will help!

Back home for bed and advent calendar reading!

Kevin and I hung out in the back yard for awhile and some of our neighbors came over.  Next thing we knew it was after midnight.  Ahhhh let's just say the next morning came early.

But we got right up and out the door so Molly Anne and I could run up to Lake Norman for a makeup music class.  

We came home for a nap then after she woke up, we went to Providence Produce to get our tree!  We decided to go a little smaller this year after the debacle last year.  7' tree it is!

We got it home, ordered Dominos as we were pulling in our driveway and the tree is still standing as I type this on Sunday afternoon.  Whoop whoop!  No buckled hardwoods or tree on the porch this year.  We learned a lot last year.  Eating pizza and decorating our tree may be a new tradition.  It made life so much easier and was fun!

First ornament on the tree!  A White House ornament.  Anyone else collect these every year?  Mom has given me one every year since 2004 I think!  The President picks out the ornament every year.  It's really cool.

We also got the lights in the window, spot lights on the house, boxwood wreath and huge red bow up.  Done.  I'm not even doing our lamppost this year.  I will probably do the mailbox with fresh greens as it gets closer to Christmas.  

Our tree.  I need to fix the star.  I cannot get it to stay straight.  We may go back to a bow.  All of the ornaments on our tree have meaning to us and we have gotten them along the way.  Both of our parents gave us some of our childhood ornaments so those are on there too.  We also try to pick one up on any vacation we go on.  It's always fun pulling these out.  We may not have the best color coordinated tree or perfect decor but it's special to us and we think that matters more!

Saturday late night I stuffed our 135 Christmas cards.  Ahhhhh.  

Sunday we went to Panera for breakfast, Cabelas where Molly Anne got to watch the fish get fed and look at all of the wildlife and Kevin got to look at boy stuff, then to the outlets to walk around and get a few things.   

After nap, we got the Little People nativity scene out and Kevin explained all of the pieces to her!

I love this little picture of her!  She's stacking the little people where the angel goes!


  1. Everything looks so pretty! I am with you on the non-matching ornaments. It is like having a scrapbook you only take out once a year!

  2. The title of this post cracks me up! I get a White House ornament every year. They are so pretty and unique. Although the one for this yer looks like one I have seen in the past, have to compare. MA's face in the pic where Santa walks in is priceless.

  3. Such a fun weekend! We are going to get a real tree this year, so I will have to get your tips! I love your sweet surprise waiting for you. So thoughtful! :)

  4. Everything looks so pretty! I am with you on the non-matching ornaments. It is like having a scrapbook you only take out once a year!
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