Friday, December 16, 2016

Week Recap

Well, it's been a week for sure.  On Monday after I got Molly Anne, we made a couple cards for Veterans.  We were supposed to go visit them today but the time got rescheduled and we couldn't do it then and it ends up we wouldn't have been able to go anyway.   

Monday night I went to my friend Sarah's house for a gift swap!  She had gotten Cowfish amazing does that platter look?  Yes, it was so good. 

I was gifted these fun earrings and a Starbucks gift card!  I gave a white and gold cosmetic bag and I included some guest soaps too.

Tuesday night Molly Anne and I made fudge.  Well she stirred for about 1 minute and I spent the evening at the fudge factory (aka our kitchen) making 4 sheets.  Kevin helped me too so it was a family affair ha!

798 pieces of fudge later....our annual tradition was complete!  It all set overnight and Wednesday night I cut it all and put it in sealed containers.  Always a relief when it's finished!

Thursday I took Kevin for an injection he had on his neck and then that night he and I went to my company Christmas party at Quail Hollow Club. It was stunning as usual.  We went to my co-worker Patrick's house afterward. 

This morning I flew up to Baltimore to be with my parents.  Mom had unexpected back surgery yesterday.  She will be okay though.

This weekend we have a few things going on that will be festive and I'll report back in on Monday!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I hope your mom is OK!! She's a tough cookie from what I've gathered!

    And holy cow... 800~ pieces of fudge! I am now craving some lol

    happy weekend! xo

  2. Prayers for your mom! Have a good weekend!

  3. Gift exchanges are so fun! I hosted one this week too. Love those earrings! That fudge looks amazing.. I'm now going to have to make some. Prayers for your mom! Enjoy your time up there with her.

  4. What a week! So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she is feeling better and I'm glad that you could go up to be with her. I know it will be a comfort to her!

  5. LOOOOOOVE those earrings!!! Adding those to my list!

    And girl - I cannot believe you make all that fudge every year! How awesome are you?!?

    Y'all look great for your Christmas party! Such a fun time of year!