Friday, December 9, 2016

Life Update

Honestly the last couple of weeks, most of my posts have been scheduled days ahead of time.  It's what I have to do to still blog even during the busy Christmas season.  It's all about time management these days!

Anyway, today I'm coming to you live!  We've been busy, busy but having a great time!  Seeing the Christmas spirit through Molly Anne's eyes has been the sweetest!

We chose to do the Holiday music session through Music Together here in Charlotte after we had so much fun during the Fall session.  We had to miss two classes so we had an extra couple this week.  We are officially in the holiday spirit after singing lots of Christmas carols!  I also have been singing them to her before bed every night.  We usually read three books then sing three songs before bed.  She loves it!

I haven't been cooking much lately because I was in Utah all of last week and this week I'm trying to wrap up Christmas shopping (which PS I've done mostly all online thanks to Amazon and Nordstrom) and Christmas wrapping (time consuming at nights!).  Literally I think I have an Amazon problem.  I'm at the point where I'm buying gifts cards to other places through Amazon.  I'm also attempting to buy Molly Anne socks on Amazon (which she wore for the first time this year today -- we don't like socks at our house).  The addiction is real and it's just too convenient and so much cheaper than other places. 

Moral of the story....I'm up on the Chopt app and it's SO easy to run in there, they hand me a bag of our salads and I walk out.  I pay on the app.  I can even take Molly Anne in there with me easily which I did not do when she was young.  So, the Chopt app and Zoes Kitchen app are basically saving me these days and giving us a decently healthy dinner for pretty reasonable.  

Wednesday night some of my neighbor friends got together for a gift swap at Michelle's house!  Everyone brought an appetizer and a gift to swap.  I gave a gold and white cosmetic bag and I received a blue wrap and yurman looking bracelet!  

Last night Kevin's parents came over for burgers and (burnt!) hot dogs and Skinny Taste potato salad.  We jumped in the car and drove to a nearby neighborhood to show Molly Anne these lights!  You can see her in the below picture pointing at them and she kept saying, "whoaaaa!!!!"  It was precious. I'm glad we got out to show them to her.  It was magical in her little world! 

Haha!  Imagine what this house's light bill is the month of December?!

This weekend we have a full schedule and some chill time as well!  It will be fun and festive!  Cheers friends!


  1. Wait, you can get gift cards to other stores on Amazon?!?!?! How did I not know about this?!?! That is amazing!!!! And where is that house?! We may go look at lights this weekend, so I want to add it to my list! :)

  2. I love love chopt! I always go when I'm home visiting. Those lights look awesome! Would love to drive my boys by when we are home over Christmas break. I have an amazon addiction too. It's so easy to use and prime is always at your finger tips! Have a great weekend!

  3. Have you seen these? Molly would love it and great for restaurants!!

  4. Girl, I wouldn't have a single thing in my nursery or a gift under the tree without Amazon Prime - 'tis the gift that just keeps on giving ;) And I'm loving the pictures of your sweet girl! I'm probably going to reach out to you this time next year for info on where you found, oh... ALL of her holiday outfits :)