Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve recap -- here it is!

We really didn't do a bunch on Christmas Eve.  We went out that morning and did some last minute shopping.  It's tradition for Dad and I to do Mom's stocking on Christmas Eve.  Molly Anne joined us this year.  Kevin and Mom went on a couple errands while we did that!

Chat books...why I Instagram everything!  By the way, who doesn't need a sand bucket to play with in December?

That afternoon we watched the Panthers play and got wings from Hawthornes for an early dinner.  May be our new tradition.  Then we all drove around to look at lights.  

TWINS!!!!  I mean isn't that crazy?!  My Mom and Molly Anne!

Kevin kept with tradition and read Twas the Night Before Christmas to her.

Then Dad and I got to work on the KidKraft kitchen.

Two engineers and some help from Kevin when I took a break to put gifts under the tree.

It took us 2 hours and 50 minutes.  It's definitely a three hour project!

Santa came!

Next up, Christmas Day!


  1. Ohhh I put that kitchen together by myself for Lawter's 2nd birthday gift while home with two month old Tell and it took me FOREVER!! Looks great though and I know MA is loving it!

  2. I love seeing them together.....it's amazing how they look exactly alike!