Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Day!

Molly Anne was up at 7am and we went out to the den to see what Santa brought around 7:45am!  Elmo was the first thing she spotted!  

Then the table my parents gave her then the kitchen!

My parents gave her the above Little Tikes table which is perfect for her.  She loves the benches and they're a bit safer than a table and chairs at her age.  They also gave her a music set, Bitty Baby, books and other goodies.  Santa brought the kitchen, associated pots, pans, plates and food!  We gave her a shopping cart, craft supplies, a truck, cupcake sorting game and books.

We took a break mid morning and had our usual sausage, egg and cheese casserole with cinnamon buns from the can and lots of pulp orange juice! ;)  

Mills got goodies, a stuffed animal and tennis balls in his stocking!

Mills laid like this over my Dad all morning!

After nap, she opened a few more gifts that she hadn't gotten to that morning. 

That was her reaction to seeing her "baby!"

Highlights for me were Nordstrom and J. Crew gift cards, a Patagonia jacket, my favorite candle and a Dyson dustbuster!  Kevin's highlights were a couple gun bags, some new clothes (surely he was thrilled about this!) and a couple gift cards!  

Love our little family!

Melting Poppa's heart.  She went up to him and laid on him and said Poppa Poppaaaaa.

Kevin's parents came over that evening to see Molly Anne in all of her glory!

She's a lucky little girl to have all of her grandparents!

For dinner that night we had vegetable crab soup!  Delish, healthy and easy!  We are big sticklers on not leaving our house on Christmas Day.  Kevin and I think it's important to let Molly Anne be in her home and enjoy playing with all of her new toys!  It was sooo nice not having to rush out of here!

Christmas was very magical with Miss Molly Anne this year!

Late that night at the end of it all.  A wonderful Christmas for sure!


  1. Love this - makes me so excited for Christmas next year with our girl :) The look on Molly Anne's face with Elmo and Bitty Baby is just too much - so so sweet! And kudos to y'all for being sticklers about staying home on Christmas Day. It's our plan to start enforcing that rule next Christmas, with the invite extended that anyone who'd like to stop by is welcome to, but that we aren't leaving! It looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas :)

  2. I'm with you. I'm all about having Conner wake up in his home on Christmas. We will continue that tradition for sure.

    LOOOOOOVE MA's green candy cane dress!!!!!! Precious, precious girl!